One-to-one Summer Support Worker Reimbursement Fund from Autism Ontario

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The One-to-One Summer Support Worker Reimbursement Fund is available to Ontario families of children or youth with ASD who retain the services of a one-to-one support worker for their child to attend a community summer camp or summer program. The application is a one pager, please follow the three step process below. I choose to fax it as it is faster and it saves me a stamp. Update for May 1, they now have online link so I included it below. I would of chosen online for sure but that was not an option yesterday when I applied, note to self for next year. Maximum reimbursements of $600, per child or youth, (18 years or younger) will be made to subsidize services purchased during the summer months (Available on April 30, 2018 after 5pm till June 8, 2018). Reimbursements will be provided based on a random selection made from all eligible applicants who apply during the eligible application time period (see website for more details). Process Application: We will accept completed and signed applications from April 30 to June 1, 2018. Your application must include evidence of a clear ASD diagnosis from a professional who is qualified to make the diagnosis (see website for details). Selection: By June 8, 2018, 500 families will be randomly selected and ALL applicants will be informed by letter whether they were selected to receive funds or not. Payment: Autism Ontario will issue cheques to the randomly selected families who have submitted (by no later […]

Children are so easy to please

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I took Mase out today with baby girl for some semi alone time with him and turns out he had a great time. One poutine and booster juice later, he says I filled his bucket. My thought was what is he referring to, so I asked him. Turns out he has a bucket of happiness. A bucket of what? lol. He’s 5, where did learn to talk like this and what does he know about a bucket of happiness? It’s the cutest thing ever. Hope he stays sweet forever. This child of mine is the sweetest and kindest person. Little things can mean so much to a child. I would love to spend more time with each of them alone to soak up this preciousness. Despite how hard it is raising children, little moments like this makes it all worth it.  One of mommy’s goal in life is to make you happy and of course to make fun of you too.

New word: Mama mama mama

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I waited almost 3 years to hear those sweet words come out of your mouth and boy it was an emotional touchy moment for me. Funny how simple words can make you feel so good. I don’t think he knows mama mama is me but I take any word over no words. We are hearing a lot more words and hopeful that he will eventually speak. Funny when Mase talks too much I use to say oh let’s play the quiet game but now I no longer take communication for granted anymore. All I want is for JB to talk too much.

On cloud 9 even though I was exhausted

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Extreme exhaustion today. JB was up from 3-7am crying, so….. nobody slept well. Mase woke up at 7:20am just when I fell back asleep. I went to Mase’s room so he wouldn’t be too loud and wake up the others and literally fell asleep instantly. He woke me at 8 saying it’s 8am. I got a few more mins while I send him to brush his teeth. My two minutes was an extra 15 whole minutes (yay). Mase heard Hailey wake up so he checked on her and discovered she pooed out of her shirt.  I dashed over so quick that my head started spinning since he was screaming and I thought she was on the edge of the bed or something dangerous. Poor kid waited an hour before I gave him breakfast and he gobbled it down quickly. He is the world’s best 5 year old (most of the time lol). I thanked him for letting me sleep in and being so good this am. He ate breakfast quickly, got dressed himself and didn’t throw a fit so needless to say I was so proud and happy. Listen to this, he even promised to be a good boy and will eat all his lunch today, tomorrow and EVERYDAY.  I was so proud I got teary. Lots of snuggles, hugs and kisses this am and think he enjoyed all the praises and attention. Gosh I don’t know how I struck gold having him but I’m so proud to call him […]

Happy wife, happy life. NO the new saying is: Happy JB, happy life

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JB woke up well rested and happy, boy we love it when he wakes up happy. Is it too much to ask that he sleeps well every night? He had a great day in school but teacher is noticing him putting toys/objects in his mouth again. He knows not to do it because as soon as she says out of mouth, he stops. We noticed the same at home. The washrooms were honestly a tad too disgusting. TMI but following family stomach flu means washrooms needs a deep down cleaning. Despite my procrastination, this dirty work must be done. Tackled the deed today (note to self: next home should only have one toilet…ok fine maybe two toilets). It will be nice to have clean washrooms for a few days. No nap today…maybe he is turning into senior toddler and don’t need a nap? Doubt it because he was getting shangry (sleepy + hungry + angry) during dinner. It was not the same level of shangry like yesterday and we were able to get him to eat so that was an improvement. After dinner, daddy took the boys to park and they had a blast. Got home and took a bath followed by extreme slanger (sleepy + anger). However on the bright side he slept before 9pm and that is quite a celebration for us. All three babies asleep before 9pm was kind of odd but GREAT. However the pile of dishes waiting for us was not fun. Turns out if […]

Sleepy + Hungry + Angry = Shangry

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No nap means we should change plans and prepare for a grumpy toddler. Of course, we trek through and don’t change our plans but end up suffering. He was grumpiest to the max. Shangry is real and let’s just say you never want to see him sleepy + hungry + angry. It’s the worse possible combination and EVERYBODY suffers. We canceled last weekend’s dinner invite from a close friend due to an ice storm. Yes you read correctly it was an ice storm in the middle of April. What is going on with the weather??? Where is my spring? I hate winter and so ready to put this behind us. So this dinner was already rescheduled and the big one has been looking forward to visiting because he gets to play games there. JB was just not having it and was crying/throwing a fit. Had to leave early as it was getting too miserable for all of us. On the bright side he slept real quick from 9pm-8am. That was one of the better nights in terms of sleeping. The boys both sounded asleep at 9 and we decided to catch a movie. Watched “All the money in the world”. Good movie but likely will regret the next day staying up till midnight. Every night is unpredictable and what a gamble we took.

New word: Water, water, water

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Challenging morning getting them out today as JB was throwing a fit due to the fact I had to wash his pens since he dipped them orange juice. Oh boy, what a morning as all redirection was a failure. By the time he got into the car he was just plain exhausted from all the crying/whining. He clearly wanted something from his school bag so daddy tried every item in that bag from playdoh to empty kinder egg but it was his lunch bag he wanted. As he attempted to get his water bottle out himself he actually said the words wa..ter, wa..ter. Daddy got so excited he called me immediately as he drove him to school to give me the good news. JB has been using words but this has to be one of his first few requests using words. The little things I wouldn’t think twice about when Mase use his words but for a non verbal child it means so much. I think we take language for granted and I’m learning to truly appreciate it much more. It’s spring and for some reason it is still SNOWING and gloomy outside but I feel so bright and cheery and most of all hopeful. Maybe this child will be verbal soon. Communication is so important and with it, hopefully it will decrease his frustration and tantrums. I know after-all he is just a two year old child and bound to throw fits but if he can at least tell […]