Potty training update, accident free today!

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It’s been a while since I posted an update on potty training. It’s started off rough with many accidents but I’m super super proud to announce JB had zero accidents and 8 successes today. He clearly knows as we don’t even need to sit on toilet for long before he looks down and pees right away. We celebrate each success and I’m so happy of his accomplishments. It took a lot of hard work and there’s still so much to learn but this is such a huge victory for him. He is such a smart cookie, I love him to the moon and back.

Toilet Training: Update

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I have lost count of how many days this is now. The good news is he can now hold in his pee and no longer doing spit of little pee. Today for example, he held his pee in for over 5 hours. I was honestly getting worried thinking maybe this is too intense and causing him to hold it in. He had a success in the toilet with both pee and bm. After his nap we noticed his diaper is dry and continued the training but unfortunately after getting off toilet for less than 5 minutes he had an accident. Overall stats for today is still awesome with one success and one accident. In JBville, that is a good day. Tomorrow is a new day and the training continues.

New Word: All Done

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You are an autism parent when you get all emotional and proud when your non verbal child uses any kinds of word. Yesterday, he counted out loud one to eight. It happened all too quickly and it didn’t sink in till the husband was all excited and asked if I heard that. I got teary as I cheered him on. Today he was done dinner and as the husband walked away he said “all done”. It was so clear and no slur or sounds like all done. Husband thought it was Mase who said it but when I asked did he hear that, he couldn’t believe that was JB. To be honest, I’ve come to terms that if he is non verbal then he is okay as long as he can communicate his needs to us and more importantly happy. The days of extreme frustration over something so simple such as water is over. He now takes matters to his own hands and get his own bottle or guide me to the fridge or cupboard. You have no idea how thankful I am with this accomplishment. I am looking into sign language but little victory like yesterday and today makes me feel speech might be in the near future. I sure hope you do speak my love but if you don’t that’s ok as long as you are happy.

Bad Night

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What a bad night, he was up crying from 2:30-7am. That has to be the longest stretch up at night. Typically, he is up for only 3 hours but today he was up 4.5 hours. I can handle tantrums but when he is crying endlessly at night it is just heartbreaking.