P4P Planning Network

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I stumbled across P4P planning network when I was researching on disability tax credit. They hold webinars you can sign up for that I found useful. The best part is if you can’t attend that particular date/time you can still listen to the webcast up to 2 weeks they say (I’ve tried for longer than the 2 weeks and it still worked). They provide simple to understand breakdown of the certain topic such as disability tax credit, Henson trust and registered disability saving plan. With so much information, it is nice to get confirmation that what you understood the program just like how you read it. My word of advice is to do you research ahead of time and join the webcast because at the end of the presentation you will be allowed to ask questions. You do have to register for the webcast but it is as simple as contact name and email. I signed up for their newsletter so I get updates on next season’s webcast dates. Occasionally, I will refresh my memory and listen to the same webcast if I have questions. You can find their website here. P4P Planning Network Their fall 2018 schedule can be found here.  

When strong is the only choice

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I started following a family with an severe autistic boy who is also non-verbal to get a glimpse of how life is in the teenager phase. The father wrote when strong is the only choice you become strong. It is absolutely true! Before JB’s diagnosis, when I hear other children having so and so medical problems, I use to think and say wow you are so strong. I still do, but I now understand when you are left with the only option and that is to be strong, you become strong. I was left in tears when I read the father’s apologies to his other two children. Like them, my middle child has autism and he has an older and younger sibling. I often feel we are robbing their time when we are spending so much time caring for JB. It was nice looking at their family but at the same time I can’t help but to wonder will that be us 14 years down the road. Their struggles are even harder as you are now talking about a full size teenage with a lot of mighty strength. Today we took JB for a dentist appointment and typically the husband takes him but today we all went. I witness a strong boy fighting very hard not get his teeth cleaned, my husband struggling holding JB down, the hygienist trying her best not to hurt JB with him moving around, me trying to comfort him and fanning him down as he […]

The in-laws have changed since autism diagnosis

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When we had our first child the in-laws pressured their ways of parenting a lot to a point it got out of hand. Not much changed after my second or third child. I mean literally when baby girl was born the in-laws took matters to their own hands and cut JB’s hair because they thought it was too long. Let’s say it was so hideous the hairdresser had to comment. I’m sure along the way they were likely reminded of the hardship of raising 3 young kids since they had 3 of similar age gaps but I really think JB has changed them. Clearly I know JB’s diagnosis has changed me so maybe a combination of me changing and them changing. They are more understanding and no longer use the guilt trips they use to if we can’t make it over. If we can’t go over, they come to us. They don’t come empty handed but literally do a big part of our shopping for us. They bring fully prepared food with all the fixings, snacks and fruits. My older loves fruits and this is good since there is a balance of healthier treats. When the house is a bit too overwhelming, they clean too. What I am most thankful for aside from the food is their love towards my kids. It warms my heart seeing them spend time and interacting with JB. Their visits usually comes along with help me fix this or what is this letter about but […]

FREE Social Communication Drop-in Group at Adventure Place if you are part of the service program

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This is a group for parents who are registered to receive services through the early abilities program. FREE Social Communication Drop-in Group at Adventure Place (155 McNicoll Ave, GYM) on the following dates: October 4th, 11th, 18th, November 1st, 15th, 22nd, 29th, and December 6th, 2018. This group will run from 8:45am-10:15am and will be facilitated by Early Abilities staff. Early Comm Drop In – flyer Fall 2018

OneSight’s Voucher Program. Eligible patients can receive glasses free of charge.

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I posted two other free glasses programs but those two were geared towards JK and kids 4-10. I stumbled across OneSight’s voucher program, where eligible children can receive a free pair of glasses if referred by a non-profit organization. The patient should: Have their visual and financial need verified by a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (such as a school, church, Lions Club, Prevent Blindness, Red Cross, or United Way). Obtain a referral letter from the nonprofit (letter should be on company letterhead and include the Tax ID# for the nonprofit). Take the referral letter issued by the nonprofit as well as a valid prescription to a participating Luxottica Retail Location (LensCrafters, Target Optical, Sears Optical or Pearle Vision corporate store) to receive a pair of glasses at no charge. If the patient does not already have a valid prescription (one that is less than 2 years old) he or she can ask if the onsite doctor at the optical retailer is able to donate an eye exam or they can reach out to Prevent Blindness for assistance. For more information visit their site, https://onesight.org/faqs/  

Registered for JK

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We are thankful our home school has a diagnostic kindergarden program for JB. It will be much easier next year this time since we can do the one drop off and it is walkable. I dislike getting the kids strapped into car seats and lugging a million big items around. After some researching, I know the registration for those with special needs should happen much much earlier than the mainstream program. I been in touch with the teachers that run the program and liked what I’ve seen so far. It is a small class with only a handful of kids with up to 2 teachers at times to help. I was initially planning on starting this conversation in December but upon chatting with the principle, he advise us do it right away. It’s true, what’s the point of waiting? We are planning on putting him in there anyways so might as well get it out of the way now rather than later. There is fundings involved and with the way the TDSB works it could take months before we get approved and devise up a plan. This is what I learned: If you child is newly registered but not attending a TDSB you need to set up meeting called SEPRC. It stands for special education program recommendation committee.  You go to the school you are interested in and ask the principal to start up the process. The school in turn, provides all your information to the special needs consultant who […]

Kids can get a FREE pair of glasses at Superstore!

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Did you know eye exams are covered under OHIP for kids. You don’t have to pay a dime to get their eyes checked out. I discovered if you have a kid in JK you can get glasses up to $250 free but if you kid is not in JK there is another program you can benefit from. Its offered by Real Canadian Superstore called Kids See Free. While this is not as generous as The Eye See…Eye Learn program it is still free. The Kids See Free program provides children from ages 4 to 10 years old with any frame valued up to $49 with single vision, polycarbonate ‘kids safe’ lenses for free once per year. (If you choose to upgrade the frame or add any coatings to the lenses, you’ll need to pay the difference). https://www.realcanadiansuperstore.ca/optical  

The Eye See…Eye Learn program, $250 value glasses for free for kids born in 2014

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The Eye See…Eye Learn program encourages parents to book a comprehensive eye exam for their junior kindergarten child with a local, participating optometrist. The eye exam is covered by OHIP. If a child needs glasses, they will receive a complimentary pair donated by Plastic Plus, OGI and the participating optometrist. The estimated value of the glasses is over $250. Children born in 2014 are eligible only until June 30, 2019 to participate in the Eye See…Eye Learn® program for the 2018-19 school year. Simply find a participating optometrist near you and book your child’s Eye See…Eye Learn® eye exam. Participating doctors will have Eye See…Eye Learn doctor next to their name. Children who require a pair of glasses will receive one complementary pair courtesy of our corporate partners Plastic Plus and OGI Eyewear. The frames are fashionable and are made with high quality and impact resistant polycarbonate lenses. Questions about the program? Contact OAO at: Phone: 1-855-424-3735 (toll free) Email: [email protected] https://www.optom.on.ca/OAO/ESEL/OAO/ESEL/Eye_See…Eye_Learn.aspx  

My child is a stripper!

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What do you do when you discover you little baby is a stripper? We found him buck naked yesterday night. That bugger took off his diaper and pajama and was frozen. We left his window opened for fresh air and disovered it when we checked on him at 2am. This was not a first and I’m pretty convinced he’s a stripper. On the bright side, don’t think he’s a poop smearer. He doesn’t like pee or poo in his diaper or underwear so when he removes it, it naturally leaves a big mess. I think I’ve cleaned his sheets and beddings more than I’ve ever cleaned mine in my entire life. I’ve read about kids who like to take off all their clothes. There’s ways you can defeat it by wearing the zipper backwards. Think he will get real frustrated if we do that. The answer to the million dollar question about what do you do when you find he’s a stripper, is you find ways to cope with it. For now, we will continue collecting data. Hopefully catch him in the act and tell him no taking off clothes so he will understand he’s not supposed to be doing that. However he clearly knows he can’t be putting toys in his mouth but he still does it.    


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When things get real hard and a series of unfortunate events pile on one after another, go ahead to vent or cry or whatever method of expression. Take the time given the situation. Sometimes you may only have a few minutes and your kids need you. In those situations if you feel you need more than a few minutes maybe it’s a good idea to call for help. Not everyone has help but if you do I suggest you take full advantage of it. Some days all I need is a few long sighs, sometimes after a long day of battles as I lay down to reflect on the day a good cry makes me feel better. However crying makes my eyes all puffy the next morning, so I try not to do that anymore. I’m not going to lie, I worry about his future a lot. Will he be independent enough to go to school next year, will he make any friends at school, will there be bullies to make him feel sad, how will he communicate this to me when he is non verbal, will he be able to find a job, drive a car, cook on his own, find a girlfriend and get married, the list does go on and on. I know the same questions could be asked of a child without autism. All these uncertainty that comes with autism it is hard not to worry. I’m coming to terms with the uncertainty and taking it […]

My 6 year old baby

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It seems like yesterday when I wrote your 5 year old letter and now you are 6. You are such a blessing and honestly the best big brother out there in the world. Your patient and understanding is truly out of the world for someone your age. Everyone loves you because you are simply so lovable. I’m so proud to call you my baby and just so you know you will forever be my baby. I feel tremendous guilty for not giving you as much time and attention as you deserve. As hard as we try I am fully aware there are too many situations where you are left out. When things get hectic and it happens, we tell you to wait while we calm your brother. As daddy deals with your brother, I’m often dealing with your baby sister. You have no idea how bad it makes me feel, because after all you are still a child. How do I go asking you to wait when your concerns are just as important. Just because you are not kicking and screaming doesn’t mean you are not important. You are very and most of all equally as important as your two siblings. However you kids outnumber us and there are times when we have to leave you waiting. On the bright side as your sister grows and needs less of my attention things will get easier (I hope). I know it is unfair to get bedtime stories with her by our […]

We did it again, not so smart

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You know when you make a mistake and vow to never make it again? Well, it turns out you forget and you make the same mistakes again and again. Rule number one with JB if he is angry we learned to always try water first, followed by snacks in case he is hungry and then toys. The rule stands if we have no idea why he is angry and upset. We took the fam jam out to quickly buy one thing and eat some ice cream at McDonalds. All was well when we got there and the one thing became 20 things. Hubby wanted to buy J corn nuts since he likes it and occupational therapist says it helps with his sensory needs so he took the boys to get that while I was in the next isle getting hot sauce. I hear J whine and making lots of unhappy noise and thought oh boy he probably sees the chips. I quickly return to meet them and said maybe he saw the chips in the centre isle up ahead and how we should do a detour to avoid it. Hubby said no need, he just wants the corn nuts. We normally would open snacks in the store but the nuts is an item you weight. How can we pay for it after he consumes it all? We end up getting the chips to hopefully calm him and he happily ate it. We made it down to back of the store […]

Access 2 Card: Ripley’s Aquarium

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Ripley’s Aquarium is a fun place to take the family but it can add up when you have a family of 5. We usually buy our tickets ahead of time and try to find a deal. I am part of Perkopolis so getting tickets there is a tad cheaper. You do have to register with Perkoplis and get an access code usually from the company you work with. I think it says on the site that you should purchase at least 24 hours in advance so it gives Perkopolis a chance to process the tickets and send to you. I opted for the electronic version of course as it doesn’t make sense to pay for more for tickets when I can show it on my phone or even print it out at home. I got my tickets pretty much right away within an hour. We took the kids there for March break this year but didn’t get a chance to blog about it till now. Ripley’s Aquarium participates in Easter’s Seal Access 2 Card. A support person accompanying a guest with disabilities will be allowed to stay with the guest at all times and will be provided with free admission. Kids under 3 are also free so our family of 5 only paid for one adult ticket and one kid. It was a perfect way to entertain the kiddies on March break while not breaking the bank. Of course going on March break we knew it would be insane but […]

Access 2 Card: Toronto Legoland

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I am part of Perkopolis and bought my tickets from them. It is a tad cheaper than buying from site directly. I got my tickets within an hour and just showed them my phone. Legoland is part of Easter Seal’s Access 2 entertainment program. Children 2 and under are free and with the access 2 card a support person gets in free too. Our family of 5 only had to pay for two tickets. It was extremely busy there for March break and harder to control other kids bumping into JB but all in all it was fun for the kiddies. We packed a lunch because the last time we were there the food was bleh. The lines were too long for JB and it was hectic when we attempted to line up but quickly learned that its impossible for him to line up. He still enjoyed running around with little cars we build for him. Now that he’s older and very vocal when other people take his toys not sure we will return to Legoland next year. It was very hot in there and not that big so it was hard when kids run around and bump into JB. It was nice that it is indoor and part of the mall so when he took a nap we were able to do some shopping.

Shitty discoveries

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The sunshine is not after the rain after all. The after math of a shitty disaster is A series of shitty discoveries. It started off with the damn mat with colours that disguise and hides the poop. Omg you have to examine row by row to find it. After cleaning that I noticed the indoor bike had it too. That night JB kept trying to clean the chair with his hands and hubby wondered what is on it and yes you guessed right, it was poop. All dried up and unsure which day it was from. Sanitization on full swing and we expect more discoveries as the days go by. Aside from steam mop other necessities are Lysol wipes, hand creams and magnifying glasses. On the bright note, he had a dry overnight diaper. Think he really starting to hate peeing in his diaper. He starting to walk funny with a pee in there and wanting to pull it off. It’s a good thing with a few pounds of elbow grease for us to clean.

Access 2 Card: Toronto Zoo

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I am part of Perkopolis and bought my tickets from them. I think it says on the site that you should purchase at least 24 hours in advance so it gives Perkopolis a chance to process the tickets and send to you. I opted for the electronic version of course as it doesn’t make sense to pay for more for tickets when I can show it on my phone or even print it out at home. I got my tickets pretty much right away within an hour. We took the kids there for March break this year but didn’t get a chance to blog about it till now. The Toronto Zoo participates in the Access 2 program with Easter Seals Canada. The Access2 program provides a dignified and positive entertainment experience for people with disabilities who require the support of an attendant. Program participants receive Access 2 wallet cards which allow simple identification, removing the onus to explain their need for an attendant. All we did was showed the Access 2 card and there was no questions asked.  The cardholder or person with disability receives 50% admission discount while their support worker receives complimentary admission. JB at the time was only 2, and 2 and under is free. We just had to pay for one adult and one kid plus parking which was 12 bucks. It was a great activity for March break on a dime. Kids loved it there and we likely will go back next year for either March break […]

Access 2 card: Ontario Science Centre

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We actually have membership to Ontario Science Centre but they participate in the Access 2 program with Easter Seals Canada. Kids 2 and under are free and with the Access 2 card a support person gets in for free. To get the free pass you have to line up at guest services and the line there is much shorter than purchasing tickets. They just look at the card and issue you the free ticket. They don’t even ask you how old your child is. I guess JB looks like a baby to begin with. We have membership so don’t need to use the Access 2 card but there was one time my sister joined and she got in as JB’s support. They dedicate two areas to kids under 8 called the KidSpark on the so call 4th floor. I thought it was named KidsPark all this time till I looked at the name again. It is really KidSpark because is an area to spark their creativity. Their elevator is a bit whack as going up means down and going down means up. You would figure going to the 4th floor is up but you press down on elevator. Took some time to get use to but we get the hang now. My kids love it there but it does get very busy at times. We like to go on Saturdays since they open later and most people leave by 5pm. The other kids get JB angry at times but we feel […]

Happy Day

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Week two of new daycare but the place call themselves “school”. We did a 6 week summer try out and was happy so we decided to continue trying it. He had a one to one for the summer program so everything was good. Last week was first week of “school” and they implemented a gradual schedule where Wednesday, Thursday and Friday is only for 3 hours. This is officially week two but also first full day. Overall he seems very happy when daddy picked up and even napped on way back. He woke up from nap himself so wasn’t his grumpy self when we have to wake him. Ate his dinner happy and was giggling all night. Love love love his happy days. Wish he can only have happy days forever. Love watching him play when the other two kiddies are sleeping. Even caught a video of him spinning in circle and posted it on Instagram. Too happy and excited before bed and looks like he’s going to struggle to go sleep. My sweet child, please sleep soon.

Happy 7th year Anniversary

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7 years ago I married my best friend and my soul mate and that was truly one of my best decisions ever. Funny fact, that previous line was stolen from my husband’s wedding vows. Together we build our first home and welcomed 3 beautiful children. Having children really changes one’s relationship, well at least for us. The sleepless nights can really get to you especially when you are outnumbered. The added stress of one them with autism most certainly tested our marriage even more. Despite the challenges, I got to know my husband even more with our son’s diagnosis. I never thought I could appreciate this man even more, but you can. The love he has for JB is so heartwarming to witness. I’m truly blessed to have found someone who I call my husband and my children call daddy, who loves them just as much as I do. The love we have for our children, like all parents is indescribable. I am still unsure how you can love someone so unconditionally but you when you become a parent you will understand. Even on sleepless nights and exhausting days, no matter how frustrating it gets, this husband of mine almost always outperform my expectations. lol yes I’m realistic so I used the word almost always. There are days where the exhaustion gets the better of him. We’ve all done things where we could of done better. I’m going to lie and say we are perfect parents because we are not. […]

The Poopaster continues

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Maybe I should start a new dictionary of new words for JB. You guessed it, the new word of the day is “Poop + Disaster = PoopAster”. Poor boy or poor us, the diarrhea continues. We thought we would outsmart him by putting on pull ups instead, but boy were we wrong. The pull ups is harder to take off than his undies and as he struggles to pull it off the mess is bigger. I’ve lost count how many disasters we cleaned today. The time I discovered it, I am positive he did not smear it. I guess I should be happy he didn’t play with it but I was not thrilled to play detective today because it got on his hair somehow. We literally had to check on him every 10 minutes. What on earth did he eat? He had many sad episode this weekend probably because his stomach wasn’t well. Hopefully he will feel better soon. I ended up buying this wifi camera from Amazon. Review this when it comes in.

Poop disaster

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Yesterday hubby woke up to a poop disaster. Jb has diarrhea and took off his diaper when he woke up at 7am. It was a complete disaster, all over the place. Of course this was not the first poop disaster but with diarrhea…I think you get the picture. I asked if it was all over his hands and in particular his fingers and nails and hubby said he don’t think so. I asked the hubby to investigate the next disaster more thoroughly. In particular see if it looks like he’s smearing the poop around. Hubby is convinced it is just from him moving around and it didn’t help it was diarrhea. I don’t think the hubby investigated like I would have because he doesn’t seem to believe Jb will smear poop. There was another disaster today and this time around I was the lead investigator and feel pretty confident he’s playing with it. It was all over his hands, well it was all over everywhere but I can say that he handled it for sure. I wish we have a camera to record it.  I’m leaning on getting a camera to record at least one area to see if I can catch it on video to get some answers. When we first became concern of his sleeping behaviour, we got a nest and paid for the service to be able to watch it the next day to hopefully get some understanding of what he was doing. We did that for […]

Wheel Trans Application

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We hired a support person to help with JB toilet training when we first started training and that person used wheels trans and told us about the service. I looked into it but never really thought we needed it. However there were a few times where we had to make alternative travel arrangements where it would of made our lives easier if we were able to use this service. I decided to fill out the long application just in case we ever run into a situation where we need to use this. Figured out it might be worth my while. I was really just interested in the support person assistance card as I figured it will come handy one day. The bonus of this assistance card is, JB is under 12 so he is free and if I’m his support person I’m free too. The application: Don’t be intimated by the 19 page application. The first few just explains what the service is about and gives you instructions on what to fill out. Link to application can be found here.  For more information go to the TTC website. Section A contains questions about your everyday mobility and ability to use conventional transit and is completed by you/your representative. Section A also requests that you to certify that the information you/your representative have provided to Wheel-Trans is correct. Section B is your consent to have your health care professional(s) contacted for additional information or clarification if requested. Section C is completed by your health […]

Access 2 card: CN Tower

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When an Access 2 cardholder presents their valid Access 2 Card at any participating venue partner, their support person receives free admission; the cardholder pays regular admission. At CN tower kids under 4 gets in free which means JB is free and I am free as well. A friend gave us two tickets which means our family of 5 got in free. I figured the boys can experience it since we are not paying a dime. The line up was extremely long but we split up to sped things up, the hubby lined up for the free passes with JB while I took Mase and baby girl to check out the line to go up the elevator. I got the the front where there is a timer saying it will be 2 hour wait. I asked the attendant there if this time is accurate and she replies yes it is very. I was extremely hesitant but decided since we drove all the way downtown and parked might as well see how it is since hubby was in line anyways. It was a small trek before we got to where people were standing and that was pretty much where you take a picture. The attendant there said about 45 minutes. I thought 45 minutes is doable since we are here anyways and it is much better than 2 hours. By the time we took the photo, JB and hubby was able to join us. Surprisingly it wasn’t too bad for JB. […]