Holiday party by Jake’s House: Free Event on Nov 25, 2018 from 12:00 PM-3:00 PM

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You & your family are invited to the 14th annual Jake’s House Holiday Party! Date: Sun, Nov 25, 2018 from 12:00 PM-3:00 PM This year, you can enjoy fun activities, such as an interactive gaming zone by Microsoft, an arts & crafts station, bouncy castles and a photo booth; and dig into a lunch buffet and made-to-order treats, like popcorn, snow cones and cotton candy—all before Santa’s grand entrance! All children affected by autism, as well as all children 12 years of age and under, will each receive a special gift! Hosted at The Toronto Congress Centre, this party is expected to welcome the largest gathering of the community yet. Join the Jake’s House family in celebrating the season and spreading good cheer! Ensuring accessibility and comfort, these parties are complementary and are well-staffed with helpful volunteers. See you there! PLEASE NOTE: A maximum of six children may accompany one caregiver. You and your guests are only registered for this event once you have received your confirmation email with tickets. If you have signed up but have not received this email, please contact Jake’s House directly to avoid disappointment at [email protected] Jake’s House reserves the right to film and photograph this event and its guests, and publicly use the photos and recordings. By attending, you consent to having your image, audio and video shared on Jake’s House’s social media, website and other promotional materials. Once you arrive at the North Building of the Toronto Congress Centre, go to the Hall H Glass Door Entrance, […]

Ontario Government’s Education Focused Telephone Town Halls

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The Ontario government is hosting several region specific education focused telephone town halls. Space is limited and will be filled on a first-come, first served basis. All sessions are scheduled for 90 minutes. Comments provided through the telephone town hall are anonymous. All calls will be in English, except where noted. Telephone Town Hall Schedule: Northwestern Ontario: November 14th at 6:30-8:00 pm Southwestern Ontario: November 1st at 6:30-8:00 pm and November 10th at 2:00-3:30 pm Greater Toronto Area(York): November 13th at 8:30-10:00 pm Greater Toronto Area(Durham): November 8th at 8:30-10:00 pm Toronto: November 1st at 8:30-10:00 pm Central Ontario: November 15th at 12:00-1:30 pm and November 21st at 8:30-10:00 pm. Northeastern Ontario: November 20th at 12:00-1:30 pm, November 26 at 6:30-8:00 pm(French) and November 29th at 6:30-8:00 pm. Eastern Ontario: November 16th at 12:00-1:30 pm and November 22nd at 6:30 to 8:00 pm Ottawa: November 2nd at 12:00-1:30 pm To register please click on link below. Register for the town halls today

Social interactions has improved

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His social interaction has improved quite dramatically. Lately he’s been wanting to play with us way more. He enjoys pointing at letters, numbers, colours or shapes and have us say it out loud for him. Tonight he spelled BINGO again and took the B away and put his hands there to replace the letter. We didn’t understand it at first but picked up that he copying the song where they clap or make a sound instead of saying the letter B. He is such a smartie pie. It melts my heart to see him interact with us. It is just perfect. During the day when big brother and little princess is up we have to divide up our attention but when they sleep we can concentrate fully on him. He seems the happiest after dinner and before bed. We get the happy, giggly sweetness from him at that time. He understands so much now and compared to a year ago this is day and night. He is a year older but I think because he can communicate better his frustration is less. Does it get easier? Yes, in a way it certainly does. We no longer have to guess if he wants this or that since he points and directs you to the area but there is still some guessing involved especially when he is frustrated. As he grows his wants increases as he is more aware. He wants more chips, more ipad time and more snacks. His voice and […]

If lost contact me tattoos, DIY

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JB is a runner and gets distracted very easily. There were many occasions where he ran off and since he is non verbal there will be no way he can tell someone to call his parents. I figured he needs one of those if lost please contact us tattoos and I took it upon myself for a DIY. I got the temporary tattoo papers off Amazon and created a template to check several times before printing on the real thing. The one I got is from Silhouette Studio called Temporary Tattoo Paper. It comes with two sheets. I have a laser printer and the instructions stated ink jet. I can confirm it worked with my laser printer and did the job I want. I am sharing the template with you to save some time from fiddling around. Please remember to change out the contact number and check your printer to ensure which side it prints on before loading tattoo paper. If lost please call final template I got about 50 tattoos per sheet so all in all I got a tad under 100 for the 2 sheets. I found the font size readable for majority of people and left room for the edge of tattoo in case it peeled. Cost was about 15 bucks for 100 so it was only 15 cent each which I can work with.  

My little stripper!

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New challenges shouldn’t be a shock to us but this one is a tad bit harder to battle. He been taking off all his clothes a lot more lately especially at bedtime. It is a constant no, not taking off clothes. Our behaviour therapist team suggested giving him some naked time to try to satisfy his needs. We are also to start journaling his clothes taking behaviours in the hopes to find a pattern. Feel pretty confident we are going to add investigator as our list of skills to our resume. If my job don’t work out, I should have enough experience being an investigator I think. Well if you all know someone who is interested in hiring an investigator, contact me. We been giving him 10 minutes of “free” aka naked time after bath but so far haven’t noticed a decrease in stripping behaviour. The only good thing about this is he seems to like to do it at home only for now. It is kind of hard if he strips when he’s outside. Everytime he strips down, I recall all those books I read where the family finds their child at a favourite park completely naked. It gives me chills because I could see that be us. For now, we will continue observing one day at a time.

Infancy and Early Childhood Program by Surrey Place

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The Infancy and Early Childhood Program provides comprehensive clinical services for infants and children up to the age of six who have or are suspected of having a developmental disability. The Program uses a family centered, interdisciplinary team approach to establish a unique service plan to meet each child’s specific needs, while also placing a special focus on working with parents and caregivers. Eligibility Criteria The Infancy and Early Childhood Program provides assessment, consultation and treatment to infants and children from birth to age 6 who have or are suspected of having a developmental disability and reside in the Toronto Region. You actually don’t need to have an official diagnosis, if you suspect something just give them a call. There is a waitlist anyways so might as well get ahead of the game. You can always decline after. Important to note: If you child is currently in daycare, you will not be eligible. They City of Toronto has dedicated resources at daycares and this is considered a duplication of service. It is a free program so if you can take advantage of this you should call. To contact or refer a client to the Infancy and Early Childhood Program at Surrey Place Centre please call: 416-925-5141 and ask to speak to the Infancy and Early Childhood Intake Service Coordinator.

Adapted and Inclusive Recreation Programs for Persons with a Special Need

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This is with the City of Toronto and a program designed integrate those with a disability with City’s programs. I registered my older one in some city program a few weeks ago and stumbled across this program they have. I called the line for my district and the gentlemen was so kind and helpful. He explained the program thoroughly which is also available online. You have to register for this 4 weeks in advance before the next season of program as it might take that long before you get approved. I’ll update my progress after I get the approval. Forgot to mention the cost is minimum. Contact Information District Telephone Contact Etobicoke York District Etobicoke Civic Centre 399 The West Mall Toronto, ON M9C 2Y2 416-394-8746 Community Recreation Programmer 416-394-8533 Administration TTY: 416-394-8534 North York District North York Civic Centre 5100 Yonge St., 3rd Fl. North York, ON M2N 5V7 416-395-6183 Community Recreation Programmer TTY: 416-395-6115 Scarborough District Scarborough Civic Centre 150 Borough Drive, 5th Fl. Toronto, ON M1P 4N7 416-396-7760 Community Recreation Programmer TTY: 416-396-4116 Toronto & East York District East York Civic Centre 850 Coxwell Ave. Toronto, ON M4C 5R1 416-397-4923 Community Recreation Programmer 416-397-4690 Administration TTY: 416-392-4773   You will need to complete forms that staff will mail to you. I got this emailed to me in PDF format and filled it in and emailed it back. Staff will schedule an intake interview with you and register you or your child into a confidential database to help match […]

Preschool Speech & Language Program City of Toronto

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This free preschool program actually drove me nuts. To begin the waitlist to even receive service is like a 6 month wait. Once you get an assessment you then wait for the next available open “block of service”. After your “block” you have to wait 6 months for a reassessment and then the cycle goes on with you waiting for the next available “block of service”. Background info on the said program. It is available to children from birth to JK entry. Once your child goes to school, the school board kicks in for speech resources. We applied for this before JB was 2 years old and got our first “block” in August of 2017. After our 6 week session we had to wait till March 2018 to get reassessed. After the said reassessment, we had to wait for the next available block which was June/July 2018. Again it was a 6 week session and the cycle goes on with waiting for reassessment and next block. To sum this up, we essentially got 6 sessions of 45 minutes once per year. With the timing when someone register for the program before 2 years of age they will likely get 3 blocks of service before they go to school. According to the SLP, that is their policy and guidelines. You must wait 6 months before getting reassessed and after reassessment you have to wait for next block. I got so frustrated I reached out the City for clarification on the said […]

Comparing gets me nowhere

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My 1 year old is growing up and she is such a smartie pie. She is learning to communicate by pointing and leading our hands to where she wants to go. It was not long ago maybe 6 months or so that JB started pointing and leading us to where he wants to go. It was the best thing ever as that kind of communication is much better than just endless crying. I thought to myself very soon she will catch up and exceed JB. It sadden me a bit when I thought about it but it is enviable that will happen. He has a delay in communication among other areas and truly there is no need to compare where he is at with his younger sister. He will learn at his pace and as long as he is happy so are we. He has come such a long way since his diagnosis and I am super proud of all his accomplishments. I think I will likely run into these pitfall moments but I will snap back into perspectives and feel gratitude of what we have. Are the struggles real? Yes. Is it challenging? Of course. As some things gets easier other things gets harder, but at the end of the day I am so grateful I have a beautiful sweet boy to force some hugs upon and steal some kisses from. He is happy for the most part and his silly giggles makes any hardship melt away.

Having a good week

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Been a very good week and think his pee strike is over. He goes pee when we take him and been having next to no pee accidents. Poo on the other hand is still the same ole same ole. Actually he hasn’t been smearing or playing with his poo since the last incident I posted. I think we can say he is not a poo smearer, thank goodness. If he is we will have to deal with it but with my ocd it was not entirely fun. His sleeping been good, think we only had 2 days of waking up super early or should I say late at night. Funny how I think 2 days is a good week but 2 days is better than 3 or 4. It is all about perspectives and I like to count my wins. I think what has improved dramatically is he no longer bawl his eyes out when he wakes up at 3ish 4 am. He seems happy and lays in bed for a while playing and when he is ready he goes to the gate and hubby goes down to start the day with him. I can pretty much confirm he is a stripper. We have caught him way too many times and he seems to like to take off ALL his clothing. As I mentioned, our school near us has a diagnostic kindergarden that I enrolled JB for next year. Everyday as I walk my older one to school I see […]

Free workshop from Holland Bloorview on School Advocacy and Education Law: Update now available in webinar

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Monday October 22 from 6pm to 8pm. This is the link to register for the workshop: This workshop will give families information on how to advocate effectively for a child with a disability in the public school system. Information will be provided on: Laws related to students with disabilities Legal ways to challenge the school system The Ontario Human Rights Code and Education Act/Regulations (IEP, IPRC) Parent roles in the IEP and IPRC Tips on how to work collaboratively with school staff Ideas and strategies for advocating at school Presenter: Alison Morse, Easter Seals and Susan Munn, Pooran Law To view webinar click here. 2018-10 School Advocacy and Education Law

His first spelled word: BINGO

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We were at my sisters for Thanksgiving and he was singing I though Old MacDonalds but I guess it was BINGO because he spelled BINGO. I was so shocked because this was the first time I witness him spelling a full word. I didn’t know he can spell a 5 letter word. I was speechless and so proud of this little monkey. He is honestly so smart and I look forward to seeing more words from him. We been having such good interactions lately with different songs and he seems so engaged with me. I absolutely love these moments where I ask for a kiss and he gives it to me. We been settled down with a good routine of putting away his shoes when we come home and washing hands. Love how he puts his shoes so very neatly each and every time. I don’t even do it myself every time. I think he will do alright if we teach him more life skills which we are working on. He loves to buckle his own seat belt and we let him do it every time. Think that boost his self esteem and gives him a bit of control. Also we love his smile when he is able to do it all by himself. My baby is growing up and although it is bitter sweet for me, I am very happy to see him do so many things independently.

Autism Ontario: Free Webinar Women on the Spectrum

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Women on the Spectrum: A discussion Friday, October 12th from 12pm – 1pm To register. Join Anne Gingras, Christine Jenkins and Stephanie Moeser for a preliminary discussion about the visibility and challenges facing female identified and women on the autism spectrum.  We invite you to learn from their rich experiences and encourage you to take part in the discussion about issues such as “masking”, seeking diagnosis in adult life, health care and more! ***Please note if you can’t watch the webinar live, registering gets you access to the on-demand version which will be available roughly 48 hours after the live presentation.***

On a freezing night like tonight, this warms my heart.

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We were just hanging out like any other night and play learning with Mrs. Potato Head. You then hear him sing head and shoulders knees and toes. I was overjoyed beyond words. In fact, I think I was close to tears. He was pointing to the Mrs. Potato Head’s head then shoulders, knees and toes. He even pointed to the eyes, ears, mouth and nose. Of course I didn’t have my phone to record all this and when the hubby joined after putting the big one to bed he was like I don’t hear it. The hubby did hear it after a few times and listening really carefully. The best part was JB sat on my lap later and started pointing to my head, shoulders, knees and toes. I wish I was able to freeze that moment as it was so interactive and touching. I know it may not sound like much but we celebrate everything from a word apple to a kiss every single time. Raising a non-verbal autistic child makes us not to take anything for granted. I am excited and amazed each and every day with JB. From him holding my fingers to point at what he wants to approximation of real words. This child of mine is truly amazing. My heart was so warm and fuzzy it could be minus weather and I’m still floating on cloud nine. Hopefully catch it on video next time to share with you guys.