2018 Wrap Up

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2018 has been difficult for us and this December marks the 1 year mark since the diagnosis. Has things gotten better? My mom always ask me oh J must be better now and sleeping better right? No, he’s the same mom. We are still struggling and quite sleep deprived. We still get the bad nights where he is up before the sun rise. Just on the 26, he didn’t sleep till 1am as he struggled to settle in and woke up at 3:30am. Sleep is one of our biggest struggle and that leads to other things such as meltdowns because he is exhausted and self injury because he is frustrated. It is still hard seeing him cry for hours, bang his head on the floor, purposely fall and hurt his knees or foot. I am very doubtful I will get use to this or this will be easier as he age. As a mother, one of the hardest thing is to witness your baby struggle. I think what has improved is that I’m stronger now. Not physically but mentally. I know what to do when he has his meltdown most of the time. Know how to redirect him to something I know will calm him down. It is much easier at home when he has his moments but when I’m outside his strength is starting to surpass me. I know for a fact, I will not be able to just pick him up soon because I’m already struggling. He’s not […]

Autism Ontario: March Break 2019 Fund

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Looks like its time to register for the March break fund. I know it’s not even 2019 yet but these things usually works like this where you have to sign up for in well in advance. We applied for the summer fund but was not selected. Hopefully better luck this time around. Heres the link. Good luck people. Apply Online Paper Application Information flyer Frequently Asked Questions

Turning point? Best night ever!

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I couldn’t get him to nap yesterday so it means an early night which is good because it frees up our night. Typically we fall asleep with him when he sleeps and that’s the night. Since he slept so early we took advantage of that time and caught up on paperwork. How exciting is that? I’m laughing as I’m writing this because on our seldom free night together we did work. As sad as it sounds, it was good. I fully anticipated JB to get up at 3am since he slept so early but the little bugger had the best night of sleep in a long while. Almost 12 hours was just what he needed to catch up. Well let’s be honest, I’m not entirely sure he will ever catch up but getting a good sleep once in a while will recharge him for a bit. One of the hardest thing is watching him cry for hours as he is up in the middle of the night. You really want to help but you are just too exhausted night after night. Sleep deprivation is real and it sucks. Sleep is everything for a toddler because if he isn’t well rested it affects his whole day. Its just a vicious restless cycle and everything tumbles from the lack of rest. I’ve had to cancel 2 weeks of BT already. The one week I decided to bring him, he puked all over and it lasted a good 15 minutes before getting called […]

Sick kids is really no fun

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It’s been such a long time since I made an update. A lot been going on and we’ve been just overwhelmed. Kids been sick and sick and sick again. I swear it feels like they have been sick for almost a month. JB got better and then he is sick again. The same goes for baby girl, she just finished a round of antibiotics and looks like she has an eye infection. How is that even possible? JB probably has the worst string of bad nights due to his congested nose. We tried everything we can think of from more pillows, to diffuser and oils, vicks rub, tiger balm, minty steamy room and the good old humidifier but the poor bugger is just so uncomfortable. He simply does not do well with with a cold and is the last person I wish get sick in the family. We will trek through this and get to better nights. Aside from the madness with sick kids, my mother in law was diagnosed with cancer and she recently had surgery. I’ve discovered that the wait to find out anything is really the scariest part. We are still waiting to get confirmation on if the cancer has spread to other areas. The good news is the operation was successful and she is healing well. Honestly health is so important. We been trying to visit more but I think my three kids cause more noise and chaos at this point. The hubby thinks the kids […]