Thankful we don’t have that

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I’m reminded from time to time how hard it can be for other families who is struggling on a daily basis. Today as I picked up J, his classmate had a seizure right in front of us. Well right behind me, I heard a big bang and when I turned around he was on the ground seizing up. He wears a helmet full time and I now understand why he does. He hit the floor pretty hard and as the teachers were in panic mode my heart broke a lot for this child and his family. I provided the timer on my phone so we can time the episode because if it is longer than 3 minutes they have to give him some medication. It lasted a long minute and as I was walking back I gripped Jay’s hand hard thinking how thankful I am he doesn’t have seizures. How can your perspectives not change when you witness a glimpse of the hardship other families have to endure. It is hard especially during the frustration and meltdowns but our bad days is likely a good day for some. Comparison is no good but when it makes you thankful, I think it’s ok. It makes me grateful and I trek through another day. To those who have many hardship conditions, I stand by you so you are not alone. I will continue to learn more about whatever it is so I can be more aware and spread awareness.

Happy 7th birthday Mase

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Mase, how are you 7 already? I still remember holding you the very first time and loving your cute little face. I can’t thank you enough for being who you are. I’m unsure how someone can be so thoughtful at such a young age. You are going through a phase right now and I’m starting to see a rebellious side but don’t worry I will or will try to set you straight lol. You are such a planner and you never cease to amaze me of all your big plans in life. How you plan to marry Ella and have 3 children in a house with 3 bedrooms. How two of them are going to sleep in bunk beds and how you plan to drive a two seater car to go to work but have a family suv for weekends. Your imagination is so wild but fun. Keep imagining and work towards your goals because mommy fully support and believes in everything you do. Well maybe not every single thing but talk it through with me as you go and we will work it out. You truly deserve the world and mommy and daddy will strive hard to give you what we can. I know it can be very hard for you to understand at this age but know that we are trying our hardest to make it easier for all of you. When time are tough, read all the emails/letters I write you to remind you how much you […]