Happy 8th Birthday Mason

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My little prince who is not so little anymore, happy birthday. You are such a gem and we are so grateful for everything you do. I can’t believe the patience you have towards your two younger siblings. You are honestly the kindest kid I know and I’m not saying this because I’m your mother. Your heart is so pure and I’m so proud of who you are. Being the oldest is such a huge responsibility, although I don’t want to bear the responsibilities on you, I see myself relying on you all the time. You take your siblings to the washroom without asking, I think the skittle reward is enticing for all of you lol. You watch your sister and brother and tell me to take a break, I enjoy that way more than you will ever know. You are so fun to be around and I love you more than words can say. You are almost as tall as me and your feet is creeping to my size. I want you to stay little longer but watching you grow is also fun. I never want you to feel that you have to parent Jay but you do it so naturally. It’s funny but you are just a kid. A kid who deserves to be a kid and not have to worry about this or that. Of course there are moments where you ask how come we spend so much time with your siblings and in reality it isn’t fair […]

Happy 3rd Birthday baby girl

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My sweet little girl, you are three. How time have flied by so quickly. Being the youngest and the only girl sure has perks and you are loved by everyone. Although you are lucky, we are the lucky ones having you in our lives. You take my mind off being sad by simply being you. Who wouldn’t love it when you come by and ask do you know that I love you and give me the sweetest hug with your little hands wrapping around my neck. You are such a sassy girl full of attitude. Although it is too much most of the time but I love every part of it. Love the way you cry and love how you feel that you are the boss of everyone. I’m not sure your brothers feel the same way when you hit them when you don’t get your way. I’m blessed that you are so clever and smart. Holding conversations with you make me realize how much I wish I can have the same with Jay. The ease I have with you also makes me realize how much easier it is without autism. I don’t have the same fear with you because you listen and I can trust that you can stand next to me for a few second without worrying you will dash away. Although you are very young, I know autism still affects you. On days Jay have a bad day we might change our plans to accommodate him. This […]