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A litre of tears

Why must you be so upset. Only if you can use words or somehow show me what it is, that is bothering you. Or somehow show me how to comfort you. I’m heartbroken hearing you cry because maybe you are in pain or suffering. I hate nights where you endlessly bawl your eyes out. I know you must be so frustrated and exhausted. I would be too if I can’t get my needs and wants expressed. Only if I can take your frustration away, I wouldn’t think twice and do it in a heartbeat. It’s so hard to hear your baby cry for hours upon hours and feel like you can’t do anything. I know just being there and ensuring he is not hurting himself and offering my lap and shoulder is good but it is also so hard. As I am bouncing him on a yoga ball to calm him down, tears would roll down my eyes. A litre of tears will roll down before he falls asleep in my arms.

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