5 Things not to say to autism parent

  1.  Your child must be a genius. It doesn’t matter if he/she is or not, the mom could care less for that. Her concerns is not of his extraordinarily skills but his ordinary day to day functions.
  2. Oh I heard x and x outgrew autism, you should do this and that. That’s great a child had their diagnosis removed but every child is different. I would like some of the struggles we face to decrease but his uniqueness is something I embrace and love. I don’t want that part to go away, it makes him who he is. It melts my heart to see him giggle out of nowhere and when he is not frustrated/sad he is the happiest boy alive. There is no need to suggest that I’m not doing enough. Be mindful with this one as it could be sensitive.

  3. I heard autism is caused by xyz. There is always many sides of the story of what causes what. The main point and the most important part now is how can I help him live his life to the fullest it can be. Dwelling on something I can’t change will not make anything better.

  4. You are so strong, if it was me I wouldn’t be able to handle. What is the point of making a comparison? It doesn’t make it easier for me knowing that you think you can’t handle. You are stronger than you think. No one wants to be in tough situations but when it you are faced with it you learn how to deal with it. Being a autism mom has made me a better person and yes I am stronger now.

  5. Are you sure he is autistic, maybe the doctor got it wrong? There is no benefit in a statement like this, just don’t make it. This gets worse when you keep asking has he outgrew his sleeping issues or whatever issues the child has in addition of autism. No, the sleeping issues is still there, you don’t need to remind me or suggest that that he will outgrow it. Try just asking how is the sleeping now instead of has he outgrew it yet.

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