Shitty discoveries

The sunshine is not after the rain after all. The after math of a shitty disaster is A series of shitty discoveries. It started off with the damn mat with colours that disguise and hides the poop. Omg you have to examine row by row to find it. After cleaning that I noticed the indoor bike had it too. That night JB kept trying to clean the chair with his hands and hubby wondered what is on it and yes you guessed right, it was poop. All dried up and unsure which day it was from.

Sanitization on full swing and we expect more discoveries as the days go by. Aside from steam mop other necessities are Lysol wipes, hand creams and magnifying glasses.

On the bright note, he had a dry overnight diaper. Think he really starting to hate peeing in his diaper. He starting to walk funny with a pee in there and wanting to pull it off. It’s a good thing with a few pounds of elbow grease for us to clean.

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