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Access 2 card: CN Tower

When an Access 2 cardholder presents their valid Access 2 Card at any participating venue partner, their support person receives free admission; the cardholder pays regular admission. At CN tower kids under 4 gets in free which means JB is free and I am free as well. A friend gave us two tickets which means our family of 5 got in free.

I figured the boys can experience it since we are not paying a dime. The line up was extremely long but we split up to sped things up, the hubby lined up for the free passes with JB while I took Mase and baby girl to check out the line to go up the elevator. I got the the front where there is a timer saying it will be 2 hour wait. I asked the attendant there if this time is accurate and she replies yes it is very. I was extremely hesitant but decided since we drove all the way downtown and parked might as well see how it is since hubby was in line anyways. It was a small trek before we got to where people were standing and that was pretty much where you take a picture. The attendant there said about 45 minutes. I thought 45 minutes is doable since we are here anyways and it is much better than 2 hours. By the time we took the photo, JB and hubby was able to join us. Surprisingly it wasn’t too bad for JB. We took him to washroom and let him sit in the stroller with snacks and we made it up to the observation deck.  There was a nice cool breeze and JB ran around the tower, he had such a blast. Mase tried to look for our house but we struggled lol.

It was extremely busy but we managed and happy we gave the boys this experience. Very thankful for Easter Seal’s program and CN Tower for participating. We want to give JB as much exposure and experience as possible and although it is hard at times we still go out and live our lives. I give 100% of the credit to the hubby for insisting we go out even though it is hard. He handles JB most of the time especially when he is having a meltdown. I’m always hesitant but always happy we went. The hubby reminds me that JB needs the exposure, that it isn’t fair for Mase when we don’t go because of JB, how we can handle it and it gives us first hand learning experience on how to handle it. He is right.

I seriously have the best husband ever, he gave me 3 of the most precious gifts of my life and he is the best father ever. It melts my heart seeing him interact with our kids and I often stand back thinking how lucky I am. Thank you for being you.

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