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Access 2 card: Ontario Science Centre

We actually have membership to Ontario Science Centre but they participate in the Access 2 program with Easter Seals Canada. Kids 2 and under are free and with the Access 2 card a support person gets in for free. To get the free pass you have to line up at guest services and the line there is much shorter than purchasing tickets. They just look at the card and issue you the free ticket. They don’t even ask you how old your child is. I guess JB looks like a baby to begin with. We have membership so don’t need to use the Access 2 card but there was one time my sister joined and she got in as JB’s support.

They dedicate two areas to kids under 8 called the KidSpark on the so call 4th floor. I thought it was named KidsPark all this time till I looked at the name again. It is really KidSpark because is an area to spark their creativity. Their elevator is a bit whack as going up means down and going down means up. You would figure going to the 4th floor is up but you press down on elevator. Took some time to get use to but we get the hang now.

My kids love it there but it does get very busy at times. We like to go on Saturdays since they open later and most people leave by 5pm. The other kids get JB angry at times but we feel it is a great way for him to interact with others kids because when school comes, other kids are not going to care that he cries and throw a fit when his toys are taken away from him. They love the other levels there too and they always have a new exhibit. Also they give a discount for summer camp if you are a membership. Mase went to summer camp there this year and he loved it.

Ontario Science Centre partnered with the Geneva Centre for Autism to bring Sensory-friendly Saturdays this year. It was just for a few weeks but it was good because any awareness is good.

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