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Access 2 Card: Toronto Legoland

I am part of Perkopolis and bought my tickets from them. It is a tad cheaper than buying from site directly. I got my tickets within an hour and just showed them my phone.

Legoland is part of Easter Seal’s Access 2 entertainment program. Children 2 and under are free and with the access 2 card a support person gets in free too. Our family of 5 only had to pay for two tickets. It was extremely busy there for March break and harder to control other kids bumping into JB but all in all it was fun for the kiddies. We packed a lunch because the last time we were there the food was bleh. The lines were too long for JB and it was hectic when we attempted to line up but quickly learned that its impossible for him to line up. He still enjoyed running around with little cars we build for him. Now that he’s older and very vocal when other people take his toys not sure we will return to Legoland next year. It was very hot in there and not that big so it was hard when kids run around and bump into JB. It was nice that it is indoor and part of the mall so when he took a nap we were able to do some shopping.

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