If lost contact me tattoos, DIY

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JB is a runner and gets distracted very easily. There were many occasions where he ran off and since he is non verbal there will be no way he can tell someone to call his parents. I figured he needs one of those if lost please contact us tattoos and I took it upon myself for a DIY. I got the temporary tattoo papers off Amazon and created a template to check several times before printing on the real thing. The one I got is from Silhouette Studio called Temporary Tattoo Paper. It comes with two sheets. I have a laser printer and the instructions stated ink jet. I can confirm it worked with my laser printer and did the job I want. I am sharing the template with you to save some time from fiddling around. Please remember to change out the contact number and check your printer to ensure which side it prints on before loading tattoo paper. If lost please call final template I got about 50 tattoos per sheet so all in all I got a tad under 100 for the 2 sheets. I found the font size readable for majority of people and left room for the edge of tattoo in case it peeled. Cost was about 15 bucks for 100 so it was only 15 cent each which I can work with.  

Registered for JK

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We are thankful our home school has a diagnostic kindergarden program for JB. It will be much easier next year this time since we can do the one drop off and it is walkable. I dislike getting the kids strapped into car seats and lugging a million big items around. After some researching, I know the registration for those with special needs should happen much much earlier than the mainstream program. I been in touch with the teachers that run the program and liked what I’ve seen so far. It is a small class with only a handful of kids with up to 2 teachers at times to help. I was initially planning on starting this conversation in December but upon chatting with the principle, he advise us do it right away. It’s true, what’s the point of waiting? We are planning on putting him in there anyways so might as well get it out of the way now rather than later. There is fundings involved and with the way the TDSB works it could take months before we get approved and devise up a plan. This is what I learned: If you child is newly registered but not attending a TDSB you need to set up meeting called SEPRC. It stands for special education program recommendation committee.  You go to the school you are interested in and ask the principal to start up the process. The school in turn, provides all your information to the special needs consultant who […]


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When things get real hard and a series of unfortunate events pile on one after another, go ahead to vent or cry or whatever method of expression. Take the time given the situation. Sometimes you may only have a few minutes and your kids need you. In those situations if you feel you need more than a few minutes maybe it’s a good idea to call for help. Not everyone has help but if you do I suggest you take full advantage of it. Some days all I need is a few long sighs, sometimes after a long day of battles as I lay down to reflect on the day a good cry makes me feel better. However crying makes my eyes all puffy the next morning, so I try not to do that anymore. I’m not going to lie, I worry about his future a lot. Will he be independent enough to go to school next year, will he make any friends at school, will there be bullies to make him feel sad, how will he communicate this to me when he is non verbal, will he be able to find a job, drive a car, cook on his own, find a girlfriend and get married, the list does go on and on. I know the same questions could be asked of a child without autism. All these uncertainty that comes with autism it is hard not to worry. I’m coming to terms with the uncertainty and taking it […]

Warnings and countdown seems to work for us

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This tip works pretty well for us most of the time. I give warnings so JB is aware I will be taking a toy away or we are about to transition into another activity.  I pair it with a countdown of 5 and time it so he is just done with whatever he is doing. If it is a puzzle, I let him finish the last piece then do the countdown. Most of the time this works like a charm but of course there are times where he refuses. We keep trying it and it has become a routine for us. Another tip is being consistence and actually following through on what you say. If you want to transition to let’s say bed, you want to follow through so your child understands it is time to go to bed. A child learns very quickly what they can get away with.  JB often resist going to bed but I repeat myself and tell him it’s time to go. I also give him the choice to take a few toys up with him after the warnings and countdown. For us, dragging him up is the worst possible scenario as he cries bloody hell. It’s as if he has an itch and it must be scratched otherwise he just can’t sleep. In order for the itch to go away he must willingly walk up himself.

5 Things not to say to autism parent

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 Your child must be a genius. It doesn’t matter if he/she is or not, the mom could care less for that. Her concerns is not of his extraordinarily skills but his ordinary day to day functions. Oh I heard x and x outgrew autism, you should do this and that. That’s great a child had their diagnosis removed but every child is different. I would like some of the struggles we face to decrease but his uniqueness is something I embrace and love. I don’t want that part to go away, it makes him who he is. It melts my heart to see him giggle out of nowhere and when he is not frustrated/sad he is the happiest boy alive. There is no need to suggest that I’m not doing enough. Be mindful with this one as it could be sensitive. I heard autism is caused by xyz. There is always many sides of the story of what causes what. The main point and the most important part now is how can I help him live his life to the fullest it can be. Dwelling on something I can’t change will not make anything better. You are so strong, if it was me I wouldn’t be able to handle. What is the point of making a comparison? It doesn’t make it easier for me knowing that you think you can’t handle. You are stronger than you think. No one wants to be in tough situations but when it you are faced […]