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Children are so easy to please

I took Mase out today with baby girl for some semi alone time with him and turns out he had a great time. One poutine and booster juice later, he says I filled his bucket. My thought was what is he referring to, so I asked him. Turns out he has a bucket of happiness. A bucket of what? lol. He’s 5, where did learn to talk like this and what does he know about a bucket of happiness? It’s the cutest thing ever. Hope he stays sweet forever.

This child of mine is the sweetest and kindest person. Little things can mean so much to a child. I would love to spend more time with each of them alone to soak up this preciousness. Despite how hard it is raising children, little moments like this makes it all worth it.  One of mommy’s goal in life is to make you happy and of course to make fun of you too.

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