Everyone has a journey of their own

Today is #bellletstalkday and I would like to dedicate this to my childhood friend who lost her hubby recently. My journey led me to take life one day at a time and think my friend might be on the same page right now or possibly one hour at a time or even one minute at a time.

I will not claim I understand the pain and suffering she’s going through because nobody can say that. I know the pain I feel for her is just the tip of the iceberg of her actual pain. I cannot even begin to imagine her pain. Her journey right now is likely very scary, hard and alone. The one thing I want to remind her is you have many friends and family who love and care for you a lot. From a mom to another, when strong is the only choice you have, you become strong. I know right now being strong is not on her priority list so take the time but you will become strong. I hope she will reach out and talk when she is ready.

Let’s raise some awareness and acceptance for mental health because mental health is a real thing and it affects many people we love. It takes a village to raise a child and small changes can really make a big impact.

While I’m on my autism journey with J, other’s are on a journey of their own. I am forever grateful of my support system I have.

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