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Family fun day at Canada’s Wonderland

One of our determining factor when we choose family activities is to ensure it will be suitable for JB. This year we decided the kids will enjoy the kiddie rides at the park and splash works area so we got season passes and the dinning passes. Season passes was 71.99 each, the all day dining passes was 91.99 each, and parking for the season was 50 bucks. We skipped the all season drinking refills at 29.99 as we figured it is all pop and juice so we really don’t need the extra sugar considering we will be eating unhealthy “take out food” from the dining passes.

The dining pass is worth it considering how expensive food is but if I can go back in time I wouldn’t buy it. Most of the food there is not good and maybe because it is all new the service is horrendous. I waited an hour from time I started lining up to time I got food. There was signs stating we can only use the express line as the other lines wouldn’t take the meal pass but the so call “express line” literally didn’t move for 15 minutes. I ended up going to the regular line as the people in front went up  to complain and they agreed to let meal pass members to use the regular line. Even so, it took a hour and they got me the wrong meal. We ate it anyways and will likely never order there again.

The bonus is Wonderland is part of the access 2 card program which means the cardholder pays regular admission price and the support person gets in for free. JB is under 3 so his regular admission cost nothing and I get in as the support person for free. The caveat is each time you go you have to line up at guest services to obtain the free pass. The line can get quite long but it is also the same line you get the boarding pass to bypass the wait for rides. So all in all, if we want to take advantage of the boarding pass we have to line up anyways.

What is the boarding pass program? It is honestly the best thing an amusement park can do for those with autism. I am so thankful there is such program as the first day we went we didn’t get a pass and had to line up over an hour for a swan ride. Let me paint the picture of how this went down. We all went to see how long the line was and within a minute JB was not having it in line so I stayed in line with baby girl and Mase while the husband took him walking. Almost an hour of waiting we got close to being next, so I called the husband back so JB can go on the ride. I exit with baby girl to feed her while the three boys went on the swan ride. I thought to myself we must give the boarding pass a try next time. A word of caution is they only issue the boarding pass at guest services which is all the way in the front entrance. We didn’t want to walk all the way back so we just went on 1 more ride after and just hung out at the playground.

Back to answering the question of what the program is about. You get a paper with designated times you can go on rides. As long as you show up within reasonable time, the paper states 5 minutes prior and up to 1 hour past your next time you can bypass the line and go right to the exit and show the attendant the paper to go on the ride. That on paper sounds amazing but I have experienced attendants where they are not too familiar with the intent of the program. One person actually told me well you have to wait 15 minutes as there are people who have been waiting in line and I had to explain what the program is intended for. Overall, the program is great and without it there is no way JB can enjoy as many rides. You can also ask to be placed on the system so you don’t have to fill out the questionnaire each time. Next time you go back, just say my child is on the system already and give them the name.

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