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From sad to the saddest person alive in a few seconds

Unsure why this boy was so sad today. Perhaps it’s because he slept for only 5 mins and woke up ready to pounce at the world or could it be his new camp? His camp councillor said he had a great first day and everyone loves him there because he is the youngest and so cute. However, new environments terrifies me more than him. I hate changing his camps but the previous¬† one ended for the summer. I don’t get it, what kind of summer camp ends August 10? You have almost a full month before school starts. On the bright side its 10pm and he is already asleep.

I recorded him today as I watched him for a long time go from sad to the saddest person alive. I’ve witness this before and find it so puzzling as I can’t seem to explain why he is so upset. I actually found him sobbing on his pillow silently. Something has to be bugging this beautiful child of mine for him to be sobbing. It kills me literally watching my precious child sob in silence. Are you in pain? Do you feel there are a million ants crawling up your body? How can mommy help you? The feeling of helplessness is such a deep pain that is indescribable. What I would do and give up just to take this away from you my love.

I am fully aware that I am a worrisome mom and most of the time I overthink things. Let’s just monitor his behaviour for the next few days before I jump to the conclusion something is wrong at camp. His non-verbal gets me on the fence about leaving him with a complete stranger. Even if something is wrong, how will he communicate that to me? Not that I don’t trust humanity but the world we live in could be very scary.

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