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Hanen Program More Than Words

As I mentioned in my previous blog, we started a Hanen Program called More Than Words through Adventure place, the City of Toronto’s speech services. It has been great and but a bit repetitive for me since I just finished the DVD. The book and DVD is available through Hanen’s website or even online on Amazon. It is also available at your local public library which is where I got mine. It teaches you ways to communicate with your child and you watch videos of other families as real life examples.

They only allow up to 8 families per program and I’ve been wanting to take this program for a while. There was a cancellation last minute after the orientation session and we got lucky and filled in as replacement. For those who want to learn more about the program you can head over to Hanen’s website and read more on this More Than Words Program. For those who are on the Toronto Speech Services, this counts as a block of intervention so if you take this you will have to wait for the next block of service. For us, since he is going to preschool we don’t qualify for service anymore anyways as they say this is a duplication of services from what the school offers. This is actually perfect timing for us to be taking this program. I’m including the link to the orientation session for those who want to see if this program is for them.

Although a bit repetitive for me the first two sessions has been useful. It gets me to realized how hard it is for someone on the spectrum to pay attention.  The speech therapist running the session showed a clip of a Jurassic Park scene where it was very exciting and scary. Everyone in the class zoned into the clip and didn’t realize that the therapist was doing funny things throughout. Nobody paid any attention to her. JB doesn’t respond to his name when I’m calling him, and it is likely he is too focus on whatever he is doing at that moment. Of course, if the therapist called out my name I would of shifted my focus on her but in reality most kids on the spectrum can’t do that hence why they don’t respond when you call out their names. It is good for me as these examples remind me how hard it is for my child. I’ve done a lot of reading, and most of the examples and tips from this program we already know and some we are actually practicing already but I find reminders helpful. Helpful because we take breaks from it and forget. Looks like as adults/parents, we need reminders just like children. I also get to chat with other parents who are going through something similar.

All in all, I think this is a good program for families to take. I am able to apply the tips to not just JB but the younger one as well.

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