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Happy 2nd birthday my princess

My my, how did time fly by so quickly. I really want to slow down time and just enjoy you being so little a bit longer. I absolutely love you at this age. You are sweet, sassy, fun, giggly, and also mean but cute. You are such a little brat and crybaby and I’m unsure how your brothers tolerate you to be honest. You use to get Jay crying so often every time you scream with your little high pitch voice, well he still cry but not as often. You are welcome to grow out of that as I don’t like it very much either.

My love, you have no idea the joy you bring to our lives. You are so smart and interactive that I love hanging out with you, not that I don’t love hanging out with your brothers but you are so fun. You are so advance in your language skills and although I was sad at one point when I compared you with J, I am now happy to hear you yap on and on. You see, language is something I no longer take for granted. I desperately want to hear words from all of you. Go on and talk as much as you want. I find it a bit bittersweet as I want you to stay little but at the same time it will or should be easier when you are a bit older. For start, we’ve always wanted Mase to have a sibling to play with but J don’t really interact with Mase the way Mase wants. Now I see you and Mase play together as you both boss one another around and it is such a sweet sight. With time, J will get there too and join in.

You will see as you grow that being an autism sibling is not easy. There are challenges everyday but the rewards are very sweet too. Mase gets super excited when J learns something or does something we don’t expect. Despite the hardship, I think being part of this journey will teach you so much compassion and you will be a good person. This journey has opened up Mommy’s view on so many things, I think it will for you too. Like I tell your brother, I know it is unfair sometimes but we are trying our hardest to make it work. My hopes is for you to remember all the letters I write you and come back to it from time to time if you are having a sad moment. Don’t you ever forget even if you are mad at me that I love you so so so much.

For now please continue your little bossy attitude and keep giving me kisses and big ummmm ma when I ask you to.

Love mommy

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