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Happy 3rd Birthday baby girl

My sweet little girl, you are three. How time have flied by so quickly. Being the youngest and the only girl sure has perks and you are loved by everyone. Although you are lucky, we are the lucky ones having you in our lives. You take my mind off being sad by simply being you. Who wouldn’t love it when you come by and ask do you know that I love you and give me the sweetest hug with your little hands wrapping around my neck. You are such a sassy girl full of attitude. Although it is too much most of the time but I love every part of it. Love the way you cry and love how you feel that you are the boss of everyone. I’m not sure your brothers feel the same way when you hit them when you don’t get your way.

I’m blessed that you are so clever and smart. Holding conversations with you make me realize how much I wish I can have the same with Jay. The ease I have with you also makes me realize how much easier it is without autism. I don’t have the same fear with you because you listen and I can trust that you can stand next to me for a few second without worrying you will dash away. Although you are very young, I know autism still affects you. On days Jay have a bad day we might change our plans to accommodate him. This means we might have to adjust things around or you get parents who are clearly sleep deprived and sometimes start the day already grumpy.

Despite how hard I try to be a better parent, I know some days I’m not. I am sorry and will always continue trying for you. I love you to the moon and back. I hope you will have patient and compassion that your older brother has. It is sad for me when you ask why doesn’t Jay want to play with me. I tell you he does but doesn’t know how. You have been learning new ways to play with Jay that brings tears to my eyes when I see you guys interacting. It’s odd but when the three of you guys play together it melts my heart to the core.

Thank you for being my little princess and although this year been hard with covid, we got the best of it by spending so much time together as a family. I will always be able to look back to this year with joy because of all the time we had together.

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