Happy wife, happy life. NO the new saying is: Happy JB, happy life

JB woke up well rested and happy, boy we love it when he wakes up happy. Is it too much to ask that he sleeps well every night? He had a great day in school but teacher is noticing him putting toys/objects in his mouth again. He knows not to do it because as soon as she says out of mouth, he stops. We noticed the same at home.

The washrooms were honestly a tad too disgusting. TMI but following family stomach flu means washrooms needs a deep down cleaning. Despite my procrastination, this dirty work must be done. Tackled the deed today (note to self: next home should only have one toilet…ok fine maybe two toilets). It will be nice to have clean washrooms for a few days.

No nap today…maybe he is turning into senior toddler and don’t need a nap? Doubt it because he was getting shangry (sleepy + hungry + angry) during dinner. It was not the same level of shangry like yesterday and we were able to get him to eat so that was an improvement. After dinner, daddy took the boys to park and they had a blast. Got home and took a bath followed by extreme slanger (sleepy + anger). However on the bright side he slept before 9pm and that is quite a celebration for us. All three babies asleep before 9pm was kind of odd but GREAT. However the pile of dishes waiting for us was not fun. Turns out if you don’t do dishes for 2 days it gets piled pretty high. Been living in a mess for… I lost count of days 🙁

Seriously endless amount of chores. Well tomorrow is a new day and I’ll tackle one mess at a time.

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