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How is my 6 years old so sweet

My Sunday funday was full of love and a tad bit of tears. J was getting up from his nap so he was laying there and his big brother Mase joined him shortly after. I was full on expecting J to be annoyed that his brother is right next to him but he didn’t seem to mind at all. J started speaking “his language” and Mase turned to his dad and said “I wish I have autism so I can communicate with my J”. My hubby replied, we want your brother to speak so he can communicate with all of us. Isn’t that a better wish? As I heard this a few minutes after, I couldn’t hold back a tear or two as it was just a sweet moment. To hear how much my older one wishes to communicate with his brother is both sweet and sad.

It is inevitable that growing up with an autism sibling has its challenges. Being non verbal is not just hard on my son and us as parents but also for his brother. Mase desperately want to communicate and play with his brother but most of the time, it is a one way street. I need to implement what I learned in Hanan’s more than words so Mase can understand that communication doesn’t need to be with words.  Gestures is a form of communication too. No doubt it’s harder and many times, a guess and guess again game but at least there’s some clue to guess. We become good at the game after we played for a while. Practise really does make perfect but I do admit sometimes we forget the basic rules when the day gets busy. Life is never dull and full of adventure.

My Mase has always been so sweet to his brother and sister. It’s hard to believe a 6 years old can be so empathetic and kind. So proud to call that little boy my son.


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