If lost contact me tattoos, DIY

JB is a runner and gets distracted very easily. There were many occasions where he ran off and since he is non verbal there will be no way he can tell someone to call his parents. I figured he needs one of those if lost please contact us tattoos and I took it upon myself for a DIY. I got the temporary tattoo papers off Amazon and created a template to check several times before printing on the real thing. The one I got is fromĀ Silhouette Studio called Temporary Tattoo Paper. It comes with two sheets.

I have a laser printer and the instructions stated ink jet. I can confirm it worked with my laser printer and did the job I want. I am sharing the template with you to save some time from fiddling around. Please remember to change out the contact number and check your printer to ensure which side it prints on before loading tattoo paper.

If lost please call final template

I got about 50 tattoos per sheet so all in all I got a tad under 100 for the 2 sheets. I found the font size readable for majority of people and left room for the edge of tattoo in case it peeled. Cost was about 15 bucks for 100 so it was only 15 cent each which I can work with.


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