If you got a runner, always take extra precaution

The other day as I was walking home from their school I had Jay on my left side near the street and baby girl on my right side. I actually thought of having Jay on the other side but decided it was safer for baby girl should a car run up the curb. You should always have your little one further from the street just in case and I always practice this but when you got more than one kiddo, what do you do?

I hold Jay’s hand with all my might most of the time but this little one managed to slip out of my hands. It all happened so fast but I was extra aware of my surroundings for some odd reason that day. I knew there were two cars on both side and I quickly flicked off baby girl’s hand and caught him. He was within arms reach and didn’t get far but I had a very good scare regardless. My daughter held me so tightly I had to flick her off and she fell.

It was not a fun scene, I had Jay on the one hand very tightly now and picked up baby girl with my other arm while on my knees. She was scared and crying. The older one was there too and I don’t remember if he was holding her hands but he did say she fell and hit her head. My neighbours was just steps behind us and witnessed the whole thing. I’m thankful she asked if we were okay and walked off. I needed a moment to gather my composure and get the kids back home. I took the moment to calm her and myself down.

I replay this scene in my head over and over, what if there was no boulevard, what if I was people watching and didn’t react as fast as I did, what if he actually dashed away? Under all those circumstances, I may not get him fast enough. More importantly, I think of what I can do better for next time. I feel thankful there is a boulevard before the street and I am happy I was extra cautious and he didn’t bolted away and it gave me the time to get him. My rule of keeping the younger one further away from the street might have to change. Might just keep Jay on the safer side to allow me the half a second if this happens again. I will just have to be even more vigilant when I walk them all home if I’m by myself. The odds of him running off is higher than a crazy driver driving onto the curb.

The thought of him running towards the street is etched into my brain and I will always be extra cautious outside. I always think of the worse possible scenario and strive to never get there. With a runner who clearly doesn’t understand danger you just have to be more careful. Even when we are just walking from house to car, I’m terrified. I think it is good to always be terrified that way you are always alert, not sure if my health agrees with that lol.

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