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Is sharing really caring?

JB been doing really well taking turns with us meaning me and hubby only. The issue is he got a younger baby sister and older big brother that likes to play with toys as well. I know we need to work on the social skills of taking turns and sharing and I’ve been trying that at home however I’m in a dilemma because this causes him to go into a meltdown. Most of the time we are able to distract the older child with something else and they all seem happy but with the baby sister she clearly has little reasoning skill and don’t understand sharing. You will see JB grab all his toys and run to corner to play alone rather than have his sister pull his hair and steal his toys. Can’t say I blame him, but he can be mean sometimes and push his sister or grab the toy back more rough than I like. So my question is: Is sharing really caring? I’m leaning towards no. If he has to share with her, he gets very angry and likely won’t like her as much. Think I’m going to try the approach of not making him share his toys with her so he can like her a bit more. What are your thoughts?

On a side note, he didn’t want to nap today so hoping he will sleep early to catch up on some snoozing time.

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