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Kisses from him makes me want to freeze the time and enjoy the moments just a bit longer

It’s been a while since I made an update. We have started a Hanen Program called More Than Words through Adventure place, the City of Toronto’s speech services. It has been great and but a bit repetitive for me since I just finished the DVD. The book and DVD is available through Hanen’s website or even online on Amazon. It is also available at your local public library which is where I got mine. It teaches you ways to communicate with your child and you watch videos of other families as real life examples. More on this later but back to my medication for the day.

Yesterday was a rough night where the hubby was sick so I put JB to bed. I was planning for an early night to catch up on some sleep but let’s just say there was very little sleeping. I use to put JB to bed too but its been a while since I’ve done that. I completely forgot how exhausting it is. He plays and jumps and moves around before settling in which is fine if he doesn’t hurt me. I think I got two good whack where I literally saw stars. They were more like sparks of light but I see why people say they see stars. No jokes this boy is gaining strength by the day. My energy level was drained out so fast I think I fell asleep before he did. He didn’t sleep till midnight and after he slept, my baby princess woke up for milk so I had to run back to my other mommy duty. After she was done and it felt like just a minute but it was really an hour, JB started screaming. I very much wanted to get up and help the husband since he was sick but I really couldn’t get my body up. I also had to pee so very badly but I was more exhausted than my natural need to release my bladder. I thought to myself ok just 5 more minutes and I’ll get up and take JB so hubby can rest and recover. I didn’t end up and it was kind of a blur. The next day I found out he was up at 1:30 for a good 2 hours.

Reflecting back on the bad nights we use to have, 2 hours is actually considered a good night. I remember he use to be up for 4 hours at a time a few times a week. It’s been a while since he done that and we have gotten use to the luxury of sleeping a bit more. Crying use to be the norm for these late night/early morning staying up sessions. Yesterday night reminded me of something that happened not long ago but yet feels like it’s been so long. My point is it was a bad night and I felt exhausted and looks like I’m catching a cold as well. My medicine to make it all better? Hugs and kisses from this sweet baby boy of mine.

I picked him up today from preschool for behaviour therapy and he put his little hands on my head, cradled my head and positioned it for kisses. He even put his head on my shoulders and tears started swelling in my eyes. This boy of mine is not normally affectionate so any affection I get is like gold. He didn’t just kiss me once but several times. He put his little palms on my face and looked me in the eye and made any hardship disappear. It was so odd, kind of like a movie where everything around us just becomes blurry and it is just the two of use trying to enjoy this mother and son moment. I am just so happy, I wanted to document this moment so I can reflect on this later. I wish there was more of these moments but very content to be getting this from time to time. Looks like he is doing very well and improving by the day.



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