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On cloud 9 even though I was exhausted

Extreme exhaustion today. JB was up from 3-7am crying, so….. nobody slept well. Mase woke up at 7:20am just when I fell back asleep. I went to Mase’s room so he wouldn’t be too loud and wake up the others and literally fell asleep instantly. He woke me at 8 saying it’s 8am. I got a few more mins while I send him to brush his teeth. My two minutes was an extra 15 whole minutes (yay). Mase heard Hailey wake up so he checked on her and discovered she pooed out of her shirt.  I dashed over so quick that my head started spinning since he was screaming and I thought she was on the edge of the bed or something dangerous.

Poor kid waited an hour before I gave him breakfast and he gobbled it down quickly. He is the world’s best 5 year old (most of the time lol). I thanked him for letting me sleep in and being so good this am. He ate breakfast quickly, got dressed himself and didn’t throw a fit so needless to say I was so proud and happy.

Listen to this, he even promised to be a good boy and will eat all his lunch today, tomorrow and EVERYDAY.  I was so proud I got teary. Lots of snuggles, hugs and kisses this am and think he enjoyed all the praises and attention. Gosh I don’t know how I struck gold having him but I’m so proud to call him my son. He is literally the best big brother and son.

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