My child is a stripper!

What do you do when you discover you little baby is a stripper? We found him buck naked yesterday night. That bugger took off his diaper and pajama and was frozen. We left his window opened for fresh air and disovered it when we checked on him at 2am. This was not a first and I’m pretty convinced he’s a stripper.

On the bright side, don’t think he’s a poop smearer. He doesn’t like pee or poo in his diaper or underwear so when he removes it, it naturally leaves a big mess. I think I’ve cleaned his sheets and beddings more than I’ve ever cleaned mine in my entire life.

I’ve read about kids who like to take off all their clothes. There’s ways you can defeat it by wearing the zipper backwards. Think he will get real frustrated if we do that.

The answer to the million dollar question about what do you do when you find he’s a stripper, is you find ways to cope with it. For now, we will continue collecting data. Hopefully catch him in the act and tell him no taking off clothes so he will understand he’s not supposed to be doing that. However he clearly knows he can’t be putting toys in his mouth but he still does it.



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