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My struggles to pick up all three kids after school

For the most part, we split the pickups/drop offs because it just gets too hard dealing with all three. When J is happy it is fine picking them up together and I’ve done it before. This week we had an ice storm and J’s school warned me they might close at noon. Wish they told me earlier because by time I dropped him it was 9:45am. The hubby asked why I didn’t tell them umm… we got work, how can we just drop everything and pickup. I agree with him but also see it from the worker’s point of view. I let it slide as it wasn’t a for sure thing. By time I settled into working, I get an email from daughter’s daycare saying they have to close at 4pm. I was like that’s just great. J had speech till 3:50pm and it will be cutting it real close for pickup at 4pm. I started arranging for hubby to leave work early but after a few minutes of arranging, I was like naw just going to tell daycare I can’t pickup by 4 and will be 5-10 mins after 4. Guess they had no choice but to agree.

3:50 rolled around and with traffic of course I’m late. Rushed to daughter’s daycare and felt terrible for making one girl stay behind. As I was dressing daughter, J runs off. I’m clearly frazzled as the daycare girl helps me hold J’s hand so he does’t wander off to the rooms. That was that and I figured one more pickup and home is close by so I should be good. But of course things never turn out smooth sailing for me. It didn’t help the older one isn’t all organized and had a hard time listening to me when I told him to put his shoes and snow pants to his regular classroom for tomorrow. By time oldest is ready to leave, I go clean up J’s mess from the toys he was playing with and discovered he pooed. To make matter worse he already reached in his pants so his hands is full of poo. I took my eyes off him for literally a minute while helping the older one and missed him pooing. I’m sweating at this point carrying daughter and holding J so he doesn’t contaminate his hair or anything else. As collective as I can, I took them all down to washroom and got older one to watch daughter as I cleaned J up. A bit too much information but I took wipes and picked up the pieces from his underwear to throw down the toilet. Not thinking of it I threw the wipes down the toilet too and discovered it when it wouldn’t flush. To make matter worse, I missed a few pieces that rolled on the floor and older one said oh mommy there is poo next to your knees. Picked those up with tissue this time around and frantically looked around to see if there is a plunger of some sort. I attempted to flush again and thankfully it went down. I dodged a bullet there because if it clogs, I’m in a deep mess.

Got all that cleaned up and J was just not having it. I did put him back in the undies as I didn’t have a spare with me and going to car to get it was just too much. I made the call to just make a run for it. It wasn’t ideal but taking off his pants and shoes was just not an option as he immediately takes off his socks since he doesn’t like them on. I already planned the exit strategy which involved older one watching J while I buckled daughter in and then going back in to get the other two. Relax for those reading thinking how can I leave two young kids in the school while I ran out. It was a total mess outside with the ice storm and there is no way I can lug all three out in that condition. The door and where I parked was just a short walk. I had to rush because J was getting close to meltdown. Got them all in the car and home. I wanted to shower for all of them but I quickly smarten up and said who do I think I am. I just cleaned and changed J and let them be. I called hubby and he was just packing up. I wanted to kill him for not leaving when he said he was going to. I was not impressed one bit but it is what it is and the three kids were all happy to be home and was playing. I even got to finish up dinner with no more hiccups before hubby got home. I guess end of day, it wasn’t too bad. Not sure how I managed but I managed. People deal with their children all the time but why does it seem more hectic for me. Maybe I get frazzled easily and worry about J getting into a meltdown. Maybe the stress or anxiety makes things worse. Or maybe I just need more experience so I can handle it better next time. Well one more month till winter is over hopefully and it is a bit easier without winter jackets and boots.

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