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New high pitch scream

Eventful dinner on Friday as we went out to eat. The husband ran late which got me anxious as Jay and his food is a MUST. He just simply don’t understand that we will feed him soon. I prepared for it slightly with a bigger snack during snack time and offering a smaller snack after I picked up the other two. Guess it didn’t cut it or maybe something else was bugging him. He recently started this scream that is nearly glass shattering when he is super happy or sad and dinner on Friday was the sad moment.

The wait was 1.5 hours so we managed to squeeze into a tiny table at the bar instead. He wasn’t having it started screaming so loud I think the restaurant paused for a moment just to see what’s going on. The manager quickly came up to us and asked if there is anything he can do for us. It was very kind and I appreciated his gesture a lot. He didn’t come by to look for answers as to my my child was behaving the way he was but just offered his help. The simple, is there anything he can do for us and that was it. We quickly ordered the kids food and proceeded to settle down with crayons and iPads. The table was just so small for all out plates and it was tight seating 5 people with two high chairs. Jay wasn’t the happiest camper and kept getting angry as he couldn’t find the video he wants. As he was knocking down his iPad down goes the veggie dip right on my shoes. Some actually went in and it was so hard to clean. 5 minutes later down goes the milk and again on my shoes. My shoes got quite the beating lol.

Despite the downs, it was a great meal and I enjoyed it. Not sure those around us did but we did what we could. I say not sure I want to go out to eat again but we do it again and again. The husband don’t want to restrict our activities because of Jay and want to give him as much exposure as possible. I get that and appreciate it but it is hard when we go out to eat. I guess I’m just always anxious he may have a meltdown.

Happy to say tonight’s dinner outside was super pleasant. He had a few screams but they were happy screams. I can deal with happy scream any day. He ate so well and was so happy. I love it when he is happy Jay. Credit goes to the hubby who takes super care of Jay.

To the best husband and the bestest possible daddy, thank you to the moon and back and moon and back. Words cannot express how much you mean to us. Hope you had a super Father’s Day and looking forward to our next meal out. There are challenges taking them out but with you by my side, we manage every time. XOXO

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