New word: Water, water, water

Challenging morning getting them out today as JB was throwing a fit due to the fact I had to wash his pens since he dipped them orange juice. Oh boy, what a morning as all redirection was a failure. By the time he got into the car he was just plain exhausted from all the crying/whining. He clearly wanted something from his school bag so daddy tried every item in that bag from playdoh to empty kinder egg but it was his lunch bag he wanted. As he attempted to get his water bottle out himself he actually said the words wa..ter, wa..ter. Daddy got so excited he called me immediately as he drove him to school to give me the good news. JB has been using words but this has to be one of his first few requests using words. The little things I wouldn’t think twice about when Mase use his words but for a non verbal child it means so much. I think we take language for granted and I’m learning to truly appreciate it much more.

It’s spring and for some reason it is still SNOWING and gloomy outside but I feel so bright and cheery and most of all hopeful. Maybe this child will be verbal soon. Communication is so important and with it, hopefully it will decrease his frustration and tantrums. I know after-all he is just a two year old child and bound to throw fits but if he can at least tell us what he wants or why he is upset, life could be just a tad easier. One day at a time.

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