Off to a not so good week

Baby girl had diarrhea on Monday so I kept her home. It wasn’t too bad taking her to drop off and pickup as Jay wasn’t fussy thankfully. However I kept baby girl out as I ran errands all day and she only had a short nap at 9:30 so by 3 she was ready for another nap. Only issue was this is also the time Jay normally poops. I took him washroom and decided to just take my chances and left him in the basement while I put girl for a nap. She struggled but finally went down and that’s when I heard water. What does water mean???

As I dashed down to see if he is ok I got a woof of poo smell. He attempted to use the toilet after the fact but instead of cleaning he made things 100 times worse. He took off his pants and underwear and attempted to throw the poo down toilet and flush the toilet. I kid you not, it is the biggest mess ever. The trail of poo is from the whole toilet (I literally mean every single square area of the toilet) to floors and walls and sink and stool to turn on tap to light switches. If there are poo horror movies, this will be a scene from it. I wasn’t mad at him as he is clearly trying and also showing signs he understands but let’s just say spending the next 45 minutes sanitizing and bathing him wasn’t all that fun. Clearly it wasn’t my day as he was in the bath and I was cleaning, he unplugged the water and I had to stop him so I used my foot since my hands were full of it and my phone slipped out of my pocket and went right into the bath of water.

It is hard to handle both Jay and baby girl as they are both just so needy and require constant watching. It is also hard when baby girl cries as that triggers Jay to cry. When Jay needs a hug, girl so happen to NEED one at the same time. Those two have a love hate relationship.

As I was telling a friend why I kept her home she informed me a loose bowel movement doesn’t mean diarrhea. I looked it up and some site says 2-3 times in 24 hour period. Had I known…. I’m not sure what her daycare policy is but thinking back I do recall them saying oh she had a loose stool so keep an eye on her a few weeks back.

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