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OneSight’s Voucher Program. Eligible patients can receive glasses free of charge.

I posted two other free glasses programs but those two were geared towards JK and kids 4-10. I stumbled across OneSight’s voucher program, where eligible children can receive a free pair of glasses if referred by a non-profit organization.

The patient should:

  1. Have their visual and financial need verified by a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (such as a school, church, Lions Club, Prevent Blindness, Red Cross, or United Way).
  2. Obtain a referral letter from the nonprofit (letter should be on company letterhead and include the Tax ID# for the nonprofit).
  3. Take the referral letter issued by the nonprofit as well as a valid prescription to a participating Luxottica Retail Location (LensCraftersTarget OpticalSears Optical or Pearle Vision corporate store) to receive a pair of glasses at no charge.
  4. If the patient does not already have a valid prescription (one that is less than 2 years old) he or she can ask if the onsite doctor at the optical retailer is able to donate an eye exam or they can reach out to Prevent Blindness for assistance.

For more information visit their site,


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