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P4P Planning Network

I stumbled across P4P planning network when I was researching on disability tax credit. They hold webinars you can sign up for that I found useful. The best part is if you can’t attend that particular date/time you can still listen to the webcast up to 2 weeks they say (I’ve tried for longer than the 2 weeks and it still worked).

They provide simple to understand breakdown of the certain topic such as disability tax credit, Henson trust and registered disability saving plan. With so much information, it is nice to get confirmation that what you understood the program just like how you read it. My word of advice is to do you research ahead of time and join the webcast because at the end of the presentation you will be allowed to ask questions.

You do have to register for the webcast but it is as simple as contact name and email. I signed up for their newsletter so I get updates on next season’s webcast dates. Occasionally, I will refresh my memory and listen to the same webcast if I have questions.

You can find their website here. P4P Planning Network

Their fall 2018 schedule can be found here.


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