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Poo smearing and taking off clothes

When JB was first diagnosed, I went to a parenting group shortly after and the first session made me feel a million times better. I got to hear other people’s struggle and it made me realized that JB isn’t that bad. Yes he has a sleeping issue but at least he has good nights. At least he doesn’t smear poo or take off his clothes and run out the door. I felt horrible on the one hand hearing other families having to go through so much but on the other hand so very thankful JB doesn’t do that, at least yet.

I’m pleased to say his potty training for peeing has been so amazing and we are so very proud of him for being able to hold it for so long. Poo on the other hand, not good at all. We have had a few poo successes but I really think that is contribution to good luck in terms of timing. His poo messes were first contained within his underwear but now he takes off his pants and underwear. One time we found him in the bath tub with his clothes off and quite a mess to clean but we thought that’s good sign how he understands it’s dirty and he wants a bath.

Last two days we been noticing he likes to take off his shirt. Today he took off his shirt and pants and underwear after he did his business. It was a complete disaster, the poo was smeared everywhere. It got me thinking about the first parenting group I attended. Could it be he is starting to poo smear? Or could it be as he took off his pants and underwear he was still playing and since his butt has poo it so happened to be smeared from his butt. Yes there likely was some on his hands but that might be from him taking off clothes. I didn’t get him so I don’t have all the answers and the hubby is currently holding a battle with JB as he is bawling his eyes out. I’m going to guess the hubby don’t remember the details of how much poo if any was on his hands. We will discuss and have to monitor the next session.

So after the poo disaster, we got ready for bed and as hubby left the room for a few minutes JB took off all his clothes including his diaper and peed on his bed.┬áHis pillow is wet and dirty so we had to give him his sister’s pillow and either he don’t like it since it is smaller or he just having a bad night. I typically sit there and listen to him cry hoping he will stop soon but today I want to document my observations so I won’t forget it. Also it gives me something to concentrate on rather than counting the minutes as he cries.

Could it be he likes to take off all his clothes? Will I soon have to look for clothing with zippers in the back so he can’t remove it? All this gives me quite the anxiety. I mean if it is, I know we will find a way to deal with it. I would love to hear from anyone with suggestions or if something similar happened to them. Did it start off with taking off clothes? I believe it is too soon to jump to conclusions but I’m the type to research and read and read just so I know everything I can and if it isn’t then I have all this awareness and what’s the harm in more awareness.

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