Poop disaster

Yesterday hubby woke up to a poop disaster. Jb has diarrhea and took off his diaper when he woke up at 7am. It was a complete disaster, all over the place. Of course this was not the first poop disaster but with diarrhea…I think you get the picture. I asked if it was all over his hands and in particular his fingers and nails and hubby said he don’t think so.

I asked the hubby to investigate the next disaster more thoroughly. In particular see if it looks like he’s smearing the poop around. Hubby is convinced it is just from him moving around and it didn’t help it was diarrhea. I don’t think the hubby investigated like I would have because he doesn’t seem to believe Jb will smear poop.

There was another disaster today and this time around I was the lead investigator and feel pretty confident he’s playing with it. It was all over his hands, well it was all over everywhere but I can say that he handled it for sure. I wish we have a camera to record it.  I’m leaning on getting a camera to record at least one area to see if I can catch it on video to get some answers. When we first became concern of his sleeping behaviour, we got a nest and paid for the service to be able to watch it the next day to hopefully get some understanding of what he was doing. We did that for a year and just recently moved the nest to backyard as intended. Too bad these episodes didn’t happen before we move the camera. Amazon has a camera for like 40 bucks and think I’ll go read the reviews and buy it to record JB.

It’s still too soon to jump to the conclusion he’s a poop smearer but these shitattacks is a REAL mess to clean. I think I’ll officially say a steam cleaner is a must for us and those in our situation. To be honest it is a must for anyone with kids as they are extremely dirty. My one year old makes a disaster every time she eats. She’s in the miss independent, let me use my own utensil and don’t feed me stage and it’s horrible. Actually she’s in the food strike stage but that’s another story. 

For those who don’t know me I’m a freak when it comes to cleanliness. This new thing JB does clearly does not work too well for me. I’m obsessed with sanitizing and it certainly doesn’t help he does this business on the floor mat with a million crevices. I’m literally digging it out of the little cracks. I got very lucky and didn’t witness the one yesterday morning on his bed, but hubby confirmed it was not a pleasant scenery. 

For families out there with a poop smearer, I would love to hear how you handle it and tips you can pass on. I guess for now it’s one or two poop mess at a time.

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