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Proloquo2go AAC (augmentative and alternative communication)

We got this right before Christmas 2019 and been using it daily. It is a good tool for communication when your kiddos are non-verbal. It ease a bit of frustration for simple request such as water or food. I’ve done a bit of research before deciding on which program to use. I’ve tried LAMP, TouchChat and I forgot the other one. Out of all those I was either going with TouchChat or Prologuo2go. We ended up deciding to go with Prologuo2go because the edit function seems a tad more suitable for us. We choose the 32 layout per page for now and using Josh as the voice.

There is a program called called ADP (Assistive Devices Program) with the government of Ontario. You can read more about it here. You have to get a referral and we got ours from our SLP. In Ontario, Toronto there are two sources you can go through. Either Surrey Place or Holland Bloorview. From my understanding, Holland is much quicker but also very strict. If you have been classified as developmental delay then you have no choice but to go down the Surrey Place route. It is really the same device that you will get but very different path to get there. Can’t speak for Surrey Place since we got ours through Holland but it was a very frustrating process. They wanted him to do more than request and have meaningful communication before granting him one. How are we supposed to teach him meaningful communication if he doesn’t have one for me to teach. I fought hard so we can get a loaner to practice at home. Finally after two months of persistence, we were able to demonstrate to them that he is ready for the next step which is going to a committee for approval.

It’s been under a month but Jay’s been learning so much on this or should I say I’ve been learning that he knows so much. The other day we were playing with some play fruits and vegetables and I was shocked he knew so many of them. I would hold up two choices such as broccoli or asparagus and ask him which one he wants. He was able to find it in the 32 layout choice and selected it. He got carrots, green pepper, red pepper, orange pepper, banana, tomatoes, donut, eggplant, grapes, fries and burger. I shouldn’t be surprised that he can match them to what’s on the iPad as he is great at matching. I was just so excited as this was the first time I asked him and we never practice this before.

Jay can string together 4 words such as I want more ruffle chips. We are working on getting him use to navigating all the different folders. He’s been doing so good. He got the food and drink folder pages mastered. He knows how to get to the colours and shapes page by selecting groups. We are prepping him so he can use full sentences later on.

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