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Random sadness breaks my heart

Today JB was extremely sad and kept crying for over an hour. He didn’t fall or hurt himself but something must be bothering him. It so sad to watch him go into these sad spells. I wish there is more I can do to offer him some comfort.

I can’t help but to think could it be the new camp? Is he telling me he doesn’t like it there? His camp councillor seems very nice and even held him for over an hour today because he fell asleep. Could it be the transition? We think it has to do with him transitioning to no nap. To be honest, I would love him to continue napping as it gives me time to prep for dinner and tidy up. Also this transition turns him to a grumpy monster who constantly cries and whines for anything. We will get pass this, it is likely just a phase. I’ll hang in there.


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