Sleeping IssuesStruggles

Sleepy + Hungry + Angry = Shangry

No nap means we should change plans and prepare for a grumpy toddler. Of course, we trek through and don’t change our plans but end up suffering. He was grumpiest to the max. Shangry is real and let’s just say you never want to see him sleepy + hungry + angry. It’s the worse possible combination and EVERYBODY suffers. We canceled last weekend’s dinner invite from a close friend due to an ice storm. Yes you read correctly it was an ice storm in the middle of April. What is going on with the weather??? Where is my spring? I hate winter and so ready to put this behind us. So this dinner was already rescheduled and the big one has been looking forward to visiting because he gets to play games there. JB was just not having it and was crying/throwing a fit. Had to leave early as it was getting too miserable for all of us. On the bright side he slept real quick from 9pm-8am. That was one of the better nights in terms of sleeping. The boys both sounded asleep at 9 and we decided to catch a movie. Watched “All the money in the world”. Good movie but likely will regret the next day staying up till midnight. Every night is unpredictable and what a gamble we took.

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