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Sleeping Issues: Perspectives

The husband had to wake up at 5am this morning because JB was screaming bloody murder at 5am. Thankful the big one slept through that and the little sister didn’t take forever to go back to sleep as usual. All in all the husband was the real loser with only 4 hours of sleep.

Why did I titled this as perspectives? The husband’s sister came over today and when we told her about it she was shocked and said oh my but my husband replied it’s better than waking up at 3am. We all laughed but it is so true. As sad as 5am is, it is much better than 3am and since we had a 3 am just a few days ago, 5am is much much better.

Everything in life is about perspectives. I have learned that our bad night/day could be someone’s very good day/night. Comparing isn’t the key but in reality it makes me feel that better in a sense that our situation is manageable and we can work through it. Hope is a very powerful thing. I can only hope tonight is a better night.

Sleep deprivation is real and I must give credit to the husband for still being so patient and loving. It melts my heart when he holds JB up close and cradle his head telling our son how precious and how much he loves him. As much as sleep deprivation is real the love a father has for his son is truly magnificent to witness. The husband is real hero.

I think I would be okay with 5am as long as JB wakes up happy and sleeps earlier. When he sleeps at midnight and wake up at 5 that is really just 5 hours of sleep. I know that’s all a lot of adults get but he is only 3. He needs to sleep to grow and not be grumpy and frustrated during day in order to learn. His sleep has always been a struggle. Looks like the phase caring for him one day at a time can be changed to one night at a time.


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