Social interactions has improved

His social interaction has improved quite dramatically. Lately he’s been wanting to play with us way more. He enjoys pointing at letters, numbers, colours or shapes and have us say it out loud for him. Tonight he spelled BINGO again and took the B away and put his hands there to replace the letter. We didn’t understand it at first but picked up that he copying the song where they clap or make a sound instead of saying the letter B. He is such a smartie pie. It melts my heart to see him interact with us. It is just perfect.

During the day when big brother and little princess is up we have to divide up our attention but when they sleep we can concentrate fully on him. He seems the happiest after dinner and before bed. We get the happy, giggly sweetness from him at that time. He understands so much now and compared to a year ago this is day and night. He is a year older but I think because he can communicate better his frustration is less.

Does it get easier? Yes, in a way it certainly does. We no longer have to guess if he wants this or that since he points and directs you to the area but there is still some guessing involved especially when he is frustrated. As he grows his wants increases as he is more aware. He wants more chips, more ipad time and more snacks. His voice and cries get louder. If we don’t give him more he throws a tantrum and cries harder. His strength is stronger. I struggle holding him and when he is angry I am more careful to ensure he does’t hurt me. He no longer just take no for an answer. His independents allow him to get up and physically open the door or cupboard to get more snacks. We talked about having to rearrange our snack cupboard or possibly relocating it. It’s on my to do list but priority is a tad lower among the million of things I want to do.

We are hearing more single words and still hopeful he will speak any day. I sometimes dream about waking up and he magically speak full on sentences non-stop. It felt so real. We hope he will speak but if he is non-verbal that is okay too. We will continue to work on his communication. Maybe he can spell it out for us like a few books I read. That would be pretty awesome. For now, it is one day at a time, one word at a time.

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