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Switching task with your partner makes you appreciate them more

For night duties, I usually put big one and little one to bed while the hubby takes care of JB. Since JB sleeps so late, I’m usually able to spend some quality 1:1 time with him since the other two are asleep. However the hubby is typically the one to take him to bed. I do it from time to time as needed and each time I do it I appreciate my husband more.

Its not easy watching over him so he doesn’t run out of his room or take off all his clothes. With the sleep sack, luckily he hasn’t defeated the zipper yet so removing clothes is not an issue right now. JB gets really happy before bed probably because both the hubby and I can give him quality undivided time. Being too happy usually means he has harder time to settle in and also sometimes lead to mad crying episodes where he just don’t want to go bed. Being non verbal is frustrating for him if he just wants something downstairs but unable to communicate that to us. We are trying to calm him down and get him ready for sleepy state but that boy has a mind of his own.

He jumps not only on the bed but also on you. I mentioned he is starting to be more affectionate which is perfect but comes with some bruises. Seeing stars is a common occurrence if you are not careful. He doesn’t mean to  hurt us but he clearly doesn’t know his strength and play a bit rough. It is physically exhausting putting him to bed. I usually fall asleep before he does. When he wakes me I’m already in lala land and having to wake up is hard.

Doing the night duties last two nights where he didn’t sleep till midnight first night and 11pm second, then continuing night duties with baby girl really exhausted me. I am reminded that task I don’t do often can be very hard and I should appreciate the person who has to do it day in and out.

Of course this isn’t my first time putting him to bed but as humans you forget. It is good for me to switch it up from time to time to remind myself how hard it is for task I don’t do often. The hubby truly does an amazing job with JB, and we are so lucky to have him. I and forever grateful and content. Now only if a man can breastfeed where he and relief me for a night! Lol, might be easier to wean baby girl off breastfeeding than wish for a man to be able to breastfeed. However she is only so little for so long and I’m already crying over how fast she has grown.

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