Access 2 card: Ontario Science Centre

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We actually have membership to Ontario Science Centre but they participate in the Access 2 program with Easter Seals Canada. Kids 2 and under are free and with the Access 2 card a support person gets in for free. To get the free pass you have to line up at guest services and the line there is much shorter than purchasing tickets. They just look at the card and issue you the free ticket. They don’t even ask you how old your child is. I guess JB looks like a baby to begin with. We have membership so don’t need to use the Access 2 card but there was one time my sister joined and she got in as JB’s support. They dedicate two areas to kids under 8 called the KidSpark on the so call 4th floor. I thought it was named KidsPark all this time till I looked at the name again. It is really KidSpark because is an area to spark their creativity. Their elevator is a bit whack as going up means down and going down means up. You would figure going to the 4th floor is up but you press down on elevator. Took some time to get use to but we get the hang now. My kids love it there but it does get very busy at times. We like to go on Saturdays since they open later and most people leave by 5pm. The other kids get JB angry at times but we feel […]

Happy 7th year Anniversary

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7 years ago I married my best friend and my soul mate and that was truly one of my best decisions ever. Funny fact, that previous line was stolen from my husband’s wedding vows. Together we build our first home and welcomed 3 beautiful children. Having children really changes one’s relationship, well at least for us. The sleepless nights can really get to you especially when you are outnumbered. The added stress of one them with autism most certainly tested our marriage even more. Despite the challenges, I got to know my husband even more with our son’s diagnosis. I never thought I could appreciate this man even more, but you can. The love he has for JB is so heartwarming to witness. I’m truly blessed to have found someone who I call my husband and my children call daddy, who loves them just as much as I do. The love we have for our children, like all parents is indescribable. I am still unsure how you can love someone so unconditionally but you when you become a parent you will understand. Even on sleepless nights and exhausting days, no matter how frustrating it gets, this husband of mine almost always outperform my expectations. lol yes I’m realistic so I used the word almost always. There are days where the exhaustion gets the better of him. We’ve all done things where we could of done better. I’m going to lie and say we are perfect parents because we are not. […]

The Poopaster continues

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Maybe I should start a new dictionary of new words for JB. You guessed it, the new word of the day is “Poop + Disaster = PoopAster”. Poor boy or poor us, the diarrhea continues. We thought we would outsmart him by putting on pull ups instead, but boy were we wrong. The pull ups is harder to take off than his undies and as he struggles to pull it off the mess is bigger. I’ve lost count how many disasters we cleaned today. The time I discovered it, I am positive he did not smear it. I guess I should be happy he didn’t play with it but I was not thrilled to play detective today because it got on his hair somehow. We literally had to check on him every 10 minutes. What on earth did he eat? He had many sad episode this weekend probably because his stomach wasn’t well. Hopefully he will feel better soon. I ended up buying this wifi camera from Amazon. Review this when it comes in.

Wheel Trans Application

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We hired a support person to help with JB toilet training when we first started training and that person used wheels trans and told us about the service. I looked into it but never really thought we needed it. However there were a few times where we had to make alternative travel arrangements where it would of made our lives easier if we were able to use this service. I decided to fill out the long application just in case we ever run into a situation where we need to use this. Figured out it might be worth my while. I was really just interested in the support person assistance card as I figured it will come handy one day. The bonus of this assistance card is, JB is under 12 so he is free and if I’m his support person I’m free too. The application: Don’t be intimated by the 19 page application. The first few just explains what the service is about and gives you instructions on what to fill out. Link to application can be found here.  For more information go to the TTC website. Section A contains questions about your everyday mobility and ability to use conventional transit and is completed by you/your representative. Section A also requests that you to certify that the information you/your representative have provided to Wheel-Trans is correct. Section B is your consent to have your health care professional(s) contacted for additional information or clarification if requested. Section C is completed by your health […]