My struggles to pick up all three kids after school

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For the most part, we split the pickups/drop offs because it just gets too hard dealing with all three. When J is happy it is fine picking them up together and I’ve done it before. This week we had an ice storm and J’s school warned me they might close at noon. Wish they told me earlier because by time I dropped him it was 9:45am. The hubby asked why I didn’t tell them umm… we got work, how can we just drop everything and pickup. I agree with him but also see it from the worker’s point of view. I let it slide as it wasn’t a for sure thing. By time I settled into working, I get an email from daughter’s daycare saying they have to close at 4pm. I was like that’s just great. J had speech till 3:50pm and it will be cutting it real close for pickup at 4pm. I started arranging for hubby to leave work early but after a few minutes of arranging, I was like naw just going to tell daycare I can’t pickup by 4 and will be 5-10 mins after 4. Guess they had no choice but to agree. 3:50 rolled around and with traffic of course I’m late. Rushed to daughter’s daycare and felt terrible for making one girl stay behind. As I was dressing daughter, J runs off. I’m clearly frazzled as the daycare girl helps me hold J’s hand so he does’t wander off to the rooms. […]

To my 5 year old son, Mase

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Thank you my love for being who you are. You are truly such a wonderful child  and such a delight to be  around. I love your sassy demeanour and your outgoing attitude. You are funny, gentle, smart, brave, kind, loving and simply just perfect. I couldn’t ask for a better child and you have no idea how much I love you. Words truly cannot express the love I have for you and your siblings. You are way more mature than your age when it comes to responsibilities and things you know.  You are honestly the best brother ever. Not only are you gentle with your brother and sister, you are so understanding and caring. When we found out your brother has autism, we started teaching you what autism was and without even telling you that’s what JB has you were able to make the connection yourself. I was shocked one day to hear you say oh it’s because JB has autism. Your brother has been always difficult but before your sister was born at least you had the one on one time with either mommy or daddy. After your sister was born, the attention had to be divided once again. Jealousy is defiantly a factor and I suppose it is inevitable with more siblings. When I see it loud and clear, I feel bad that I’m not able to give you more. You have no idea how much it hurts me knowing that you felt left out. Some days it is […]