Comparing gets me nowhere

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My 1 year old is growing up and she is such a smartie pie. She is learning to communicate by pointing and leading our hands to where she wants to go. It was not long ago maybe 6 months or so that JB started pointing and leading us to where he wants to go. It was the best thing ever as that kind of communication is much better than just endless crying. I thought to myself very soon she will catch up and exceed JB. It sadden me a bit when I thought about it but it is enviable that will happen. He has a delay in communication among other areas and truly there is no need to compare where he is at with his younger sister. He will learn at his pace and as long as he is happy so are we. He has come such a long way since his diagnosis and I am super proud of all his accomplishments. I think I will likely run into these pitfall moments but I will snap back into perspectives and feel gratitude of what we have. Are the struggles real? Yes. Is it challenging? Of course. As some things gets easier other things gets harder, but at the end of the day I am so grateful I have a beautiful sweet boy to force some hugs upon and steal some kisses from. He is happy for the most part and his silly giggles makes any hardship melt away.

His first spelled word: BINGO

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We were at my sisters for Thanksgiving and he was singing I though Old MacDonalds but I guess it was BINGO because he spelled BINGO. I was so shocked because this was the first time I witness him spelling a full word. I didn’t know he can spell a 5 letter word. I was speechless and so proud of this little monkey. He is honestly so smart and I look forward to seeing more words from him. We been having such good interactions lately with different songs and he seems so engaged with me. I absolutely love these moments where I ask for a kiss and he gives it to me. We been settled down with a good routine of putting away his shoes when we come home and washing hands. Love how he puts his shoes so very neatly each and every time. I don’t even do it myself every time. I think he will do alright if we teach him more life skills which we are working on. He loves to buckle his own seat belt and we let him do it every time. Think that boost his self esteem and gives him a bit of control. Also we love his smile when he is able to do it all by himself. My baby is growing up and although it is bitter sweet for me, I am very happy to see him do so many things independently.

On a freezing night like tonight, this warms my heart.

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We were just hanging out like any other night and play learning with Mrs. Potato Head. You then hear him sing head and shoulders knees and toes. I was overjoyed beyond words. In fact, I think I was close to tears. He was pointing to the Mrs. Potato Head’s head then shoulders, knees and toes. He even pointed to the eyes, ears, mouth and nose. Of course I didn’t have my phone to record all this and when the hubby joined after putting the big one to bed he was like I don’t hear it. The hubby did hear it after a few times and listening really carefully. The best part was JB sat on my lap later and started pointing to my head, shoulders, knees and toes. I wish I was able to freeze that moment as it was so interactive and touching. I know it may not sound like much but we celebrate everything from a word apple to a kiss every single time. Raising a non-verbal autistic child makes us not to take anything for granted. I am excited and amazed each and every day with JB. From him holding my fingers to point at what he wants to approximation of real words. This child of mine is truly amazing. My heart was so warm and fuzzy it could be minus weather and I’m still floating on cloud nine. Hopefully catch it on video next time to share with you guys.

We think he requested to use washroom today

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If you haven’t been reading up on our potty training posts, we started training and he is doing amazing. The only accidents are number twos. He hasn’t done his number two business for 3 days and usually he is a daily goer and pretty predicable. Yes yes, we keep track of their (our kid’s) daily washroom routines, it’s just a parent thing. You know some start a conversation about weather but we discuss our children’s poo. Back on topic, he pointed down there and the hubby took it as a request to pee but when he sat down, three days worth of poo came out. I was so so so excited I wanted to run down and hug him but unfortunately baby sister needed me. I’m going to call that a request to use washroom. Until tomorrow and hopefully he will tell us he needs to use the washroom. I wanted to give him the world for being so smart. The little things in life that excites me lol. I truly love him to the moon and back and back and back. My little baby is growing up and I’m the proudest mommy in the world. Last week was bad with constant crying, waking up at 3 am and 5 am and downright frustration and anger. Today was the same as he seemed so upset. Had to resort to taking him on walk and park to calm him. He was still angry after a shower but he seem okay after […]

Potty training update, accident free today!

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It’s been a while since I posted an update on potty training. It’s started off rough with many accidents but I’m super super proud to announce JB had zero accidents and 8 successes today. He clearly knows as we don’t even need to sit on toilet for long before he looks down and pees right away. We celebrate each success and I’m so happy of his accomplishments. It took a lot of hard work and there’s still so much to learn but this is such a huge victory for him. He is such a smart cookie, I love him to the moon and back.

New Word: All Done

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You are an autism parent when you get all emotional and proud when your non verbal child uses any kinds of word. Yesterday, he counted out loud one to eight. It happened all too quickly and it didn’t sink in till the husband was all excited and asked if I heard that. I got teary as I cheered him on. Today he was done dinner and as the husband walked away he said “all done”. It was so clear and no slur or sounds like all done. Husband thought it was Mase who said it but when I asked did he hear that, he couldn’t believe that was JB. To be honest, I’ve come to terms that if he is non verbal then he is okay as long as he can communicate his needs to us and more importantly happy. The days of extreme frustration over something so simple such as water is over. He now takes matters to his own hands and get his own bottle or guide me to the fridge or cupboard. You have no idea how thankful I am with this accomplishment. I am looking into sign language but little victory like yesterday and today makes me feel speech might be in the near future. I sure hope you do speak my love but if you don’t that’s ok as long as you are happy.

New word: Mama mama mama

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I waited almost 3 years to hear those sweet words come out of your mouth and boy it was an emotional touchy moment for me. Funny how simple words can make you feel so good. I don’t think he knows mama mama is me but I take any word over no words. We are hearing a lot more words and hopeful that he will eventually speak. Funny when Mase talks too much I use to say oh let’s play the quiet game but now I no longer take communication for granted anymore. All I want is for JB to talk too much.

On cloud 9 even though I was exhausted

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Extreme exhaustion today. JB was up from 3-7am crying, so….. nobody slept well. Mase woke up at 7:20am just when I fell back asleep. I went to Mase’s room so he wouldn’t be too loud and wake up the others and literally fell asleep instantly. He woke me at 8 saying it’s 8am. I got a few more mins while I send him to brush his teeth. My two minutes was an extra 15 whole minutes (yay). Mase heard Hailey wake up so he checked on her and discovered she pooed out of her shirt.  I dashed over so quick that my head started spinning since he was screaming and I thought she was on the edge of the bed or something dangerous. Poor kid waited an hour before I gave him breakfast and he gobbled it down quickly. He is the world’s best 5 year old (most of the time lol). I thanked him for letting me sleep in and being so good this am. He ate breakfast quickly, got dressed himself and didn’t throw a fit so needless to say I was so proud and happy. Listen to this, he even promised to be a good boy and will eat all his lunch today, tomorrow and EVERYDAY.  I was so proud I got teary. Lots of snuggles, hugs and kisses this am and think he enjoyed all the praises and attention. Gosh I don’t know how I struck gold having him but I’m so proud to call him […]