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Thankful my oldest child is so sweet


Lack of sleep is a norm for us and I’ve gotten used to the point where one of our child could be screaming bloody murder and the either hubby or I are too exhausted to hear.

The oldest had a bad nightmare yesterday night and was screaming. I walked in and after comforting him, he told me the sweetest thing. Well first he claims he called us 300 times and how no one heard him. Then he said he was about to go into J’s room but he didn’t because he didn’t want to wake J. He actually walked out of his bed and went to J’s door but didn’t want to wake him and went back to cry in bed. I felt horrible but the same time so happy. This 6 year old knows not to wake his brother because he has sleeping issues and will stay up for hours. Despite big brother’s effort, J still woke up later and cried for 4 hours. Why must it be so hard for him to stay asleep. His little body is so exhausted from being up and bawling his eyes out. Hope he’s not getting sick. Can’t have him sick again. Last sickness was a scene from horror movies where we got in the bathtub to give meds because he pukes at the sight of medicine.

I can’t help but to think maybe I’m putting too much pressure on the oldest one where he feels the need to protect his brother. We try not to as the oldest one is really just a child himself but when you hear statements such as I didn’t want to wake J, you can’t help to think what have I don’t wrong. He was clearly was in a state of panic as he thought there was a tornado but yet he can stop and think of his brother. Mixed feelings of being blessed and feel that maybe I’m robbing his carefree childhood I would like him to have. Hubby thinks we should be proud we are raising such a empathetic, loving and caring child. I on the other hand just want him to be a child. It’s tough being an autism sibling but by being one you learn love in a whole new selfless way.

I have no doubt this child of mind will grow up to be a man every women will want to marry. A man every mom in law will approve. Yes yes, I know I’m biased but he’s truly the sweetest 6 year old ever.

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