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The best PA day date ever

For those who read my letters to my oldest, you know how sweet my child is. Today was such a sweet day for me. He’s off on his PA day so we went to his parent interview early and had plans to do lunch and tobogganing. We were both so excited about it. He got to choose the food and before we left the house he turned to me and said mommy I’ll pay for lunch today. We recently opened a bank account for him and he got one of those debit Visa card. He’s been all about saving and not wanting to use his money so he can save. I thought it was amazing he wanted to offer but he really wanted to buy me lunch so I let him.

My 6 year old child wants to buy me lunch. I chuckled but my heart literally melted to the floor. We got to the restaurant and he looked at the menu and decided what he wanted. He did change his mind a minute in but he made the decision all on his own. We had a great lunch and he said all the right things. He ended up paying and was so proud of himself. In reality, I was the proudest one. This boy will be one fine young man when he grows up. The person he finds to spend the rest of his life with will be the luckiest person alive.

As we were wrapping up, Jay’s school called and said his ankles were swollen and he’s crying. I said is it bad and the girl made it sound so bad. I told them I’ll try my best to get there soon and she said well try because your son seems to be in a lot of pain and crying here. Why do they do that? Try to make me feel terrible for not dropping whatever I’m doing and getting him immediately? Do they expect parents to not have work and when we get the call to fly there?

Anyways, Mase heard the whole thing and was concerned. He suggested daddy go and take care of Jay so we can continue our date. I can tell he really to continue our date. I couldn’t get a hold of hubby so I told him ok let’s go do two toboggan runs quickly and then we will get Jay. He agreed and that was the plan. I was glad the bubble tea store was closed so I suggested we get it after we get Jay. As we were driving out of parking lot, maybe a street down he said mommy let’s just go get Jay. I asked if he was sure he replied yes I don’t want my Jay to be hurt. As I wiped away a tear that rolled down my cheeks, I replied it’s ok we can do two runs first. He said we can go on Saturday. How on earth did I get a 6 year old who is so amazing? The heart this boy has is out of the world. He is the world’s best big brother ever. Hands down the sweetest kid ever.

Not to my surprise when we got there the ankles were not swollen and he was fine. They said they iced it and he’s fine. Clearly there had to be some kind of accident and the swelling went down with icing. You would figure they would call you and tell you not to worry or rush. Well he was fine and it was still early so I decided to take him with us to tobogganing. I hesitated for a minute because Jay doesn’t like snow pants and boots but I couldn’t let the day pass us by. It was a big struggle and I learned many mistakes on the way for next time but we managed to go and Mase had a blast. We didn’t stay long but it was enough. We ended the day with the bubble tea I promised and he wanted to pay for that too.

Our night routine always consist of what did you do today and tonight I asked him what was his best part of the date. He replied buying me lunch. This child of mine is the most amazing boy. I thanked him for being who he is and how lucky I am to call him my son. It’s moments like this where any hardship is worth it. I’m going to email him to recap our day. I’ve been slacking aka too busy with emailing my kids but it’s time to pick it up again. I’ll never forget this day but I want him to be able to read it when he’s older and understand how much I love him. For those who don’t know I write to my kids to tell them what they’ve done that’s awesome and tell them how much we love them. When he’s old enough, he will get all the letters in his inbox. It will be a novel lol.

Life can be hard sometimes but days like this makes me float on cloud nine.

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