The Poopaster continues

Maybe I should start a new dictionary of new words for JB. You guessed it, the new word of the day is “Poop + Disaster = PoopAster”. Poor boy or poor us, the diarrhea continues. We thought we would outsmart him by putting on pull ups instead, but boy were we wrong. The pull ups is harder to take off than his undies and as he struggles to pull it off the mess is bigger. I’ve lost count how many disasters we cleaned today. The time I discovered it, I am positive he did not smear it. I guess I should be happy he didn’t play with it but I was not thrilled to play detective today because it got on his hair somehow. We literally had to check on him every 10 minutes.

What on earth did he eat? He had many sad episode this weekend probably because his stomach wasn’t well. Hopefully he will feel better soon. I ended up buying this wifi camera from Amazon. Review this when it comes in.

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