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To my 1 year old daughter

I can’t believe how fast the year flew by and you are now a one year old. I know it is not easy for you when our attention is split since you got two older brothers. JB like you, requires our full attention most of the time and there are times where you get neglected a bit. I’m sorry for delaying your bedtime when I have to put your big brother to bed. I hope you get the extra bonding time with him since you are stuck with me putting him to bed. I do think you kind of enjoy our hooky pooky stories every night, don’t ask me why but your big brother seems to be interested in this racing story for the last little bit.

I think you will grow up to be patient and caring just like your big brother. The love Mase has for JB is undeniable and so sweet to watch. I know it is hard for you when JB doesn’t share his toys like Mase do, but with time JB will play with you just like how he plays with Mase. Although JB does’t express his love at this moment, I know he loves you dearly. The little interactions you get together before he runs away due to your violent nature of claiming everything is sweet to witness. His kisses and the occasional willingness to share with you is very precious.

We are watching your development closely since your brother has autism. I even opt to put you into a sibling study so if you show any signs we can get the diagnosis early and start intervention early too. It seems like a play based study so far so don’t worry I’m not torturing you. So far you been doing just amazing and meeting all your milestones. Only complaint I got is you need to eat more. I’m not going to lie, it does worry me not knowing if you have it or not. My mind wander off far far away hoping if you do have it, it will be mild and you will be high functioning.

I know you three will grow up to be very close and you will love one another and help one another when in need just like how mama’s siblings do. As much as I don’t want you three to grow up too fast, I look forward to doing more activities with you when you understand more.  Mama want to take you on vacations and give you all experiences you will never forget. Its been a while since we took a vacation and with all the expenses we have now it is difficult but we will make it work. You have the best family you can ask for and together we will trek this journey and make it the best ever.

I now fully and truly understand how precious these early ages are. People often say, oh enjoy the time with the littles ones as they grow very quickly. That saying could not be more accurate. I can’t believe you are one and your big brother is turning 6 next month and JB is already 3. No matter what age you are, you will always be mama’s baby girl. I love you to the moon and back.

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